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Just added the SUSAN ANGELETTI Recording of the Song DOMINO to share with you has a real Soul and Rocked up feel. Yes the Van Morrison classic but our own spin courtesy of John Sheldon on guitar here! Enjoy it!

  Sharing a very special SUSAN ANGELETTI SONG RECORDING paired with John Sheldon on guitar from my debut Cd. 
A SONG called the
(From the Susan Angeletti ,Things You Throw Away CD. ) Song written by John Sheldon.  

This is a Scorcher ✨ of a Blues rock ballad with words/ song lyrics that deliver a message:

   "You can always junk that car if its well past its prime 

and you can sell that watch if it don't tell you the right time.

But some things that you throw away

Just might come back and haunt you someday.

Love of a good woman not so easily found

Not something that's out there just 
lyin around

 You better thing about what your doin now.

Before you do something rash.

Well you take the sweet love I got to give you

 and you throw it out in the trash."

  - lyrics and music by John Sheldon 

  I always felt that when John and I settle into the slow burning mellowed blues ballad songs ..live something special happened musically. A little extra magic, I don't know more raw emotion, more heartache...something.  Moments and things I can't put into words really. 

  ✨If you only listen to 1 SUSAN ANGELETTI song recording,this is the 1 Song I tell you to please listen to it all the way through. Thank you.   Video is above. Things You Throw Away. 

Susan is a sterling Vocalist and a ballsy Blues Chick! "- Ian Anderson

 Hello friends,

Thanku so much for stopping by.  My name is Susan Angeletti and I'm known as a fiery and emotive, often powerful soul- blues /roots Singer and live performer  and Songwriter. I have had the honor to open for and share stages with many of my musical hero's including:
B.B. King,Johnny Winter, Ian Anderson( Jethro Tull), Wilson Pickett, Tommy Castro, Luther Guitar Jr. Johnson
( Muddy Waters), John Hammond Jr., Michael Burkes, Dicky Betts, James Cotton, Duke Robbilard.  Sam Andrew
( Janis Joplin), The Blind Boys of Alabama, George Thorogood, Charles Neville and others.  

 Making music is my lifeline, its what makes me tick.  I am currently making a brand new Susan Angeletti Soul CD right now in the Recording Studio and am so happy about being back in the Studio! It's the best feeling. 

 I have 5 Susan Angeletti Cd's released independently including my last CD :
"Susan Angeletti, Wisdom". All original songs and 1 cover. 
The Wisdom cd continues to receive airplay now in the US and in Europe.36028756_1554751997243078_r.jpeg 

 One of my more  well known CDs is a rootsy Rockin one :
"Susan Angeletti Bittersweet" and was recorded some years ago at The Sound Emporium in Nashville Tenn., and produced by Grammy Award Winner and Drummer and Producer Tom Hambridge. 

"Blessed with a voice that burns like red hot coals Susan's Voice soars with a Mick meets Janis attitude, no American Idol gymnastics here, just heart break pure and simple".

                         - Art Tipaldi 

Now I have started a Go Fund Me Campaign to help with covering some of costs of Recording our brand new Susan Angeletti Soul Cd in Western, Massachusetts at Shoe String Recording Studio in Belchertown, Mass with36028756_1550613861765717_r.jpegtalented Engineers Mark Cohen and Rusty Annis. ( Photo above is Rusty Annis on left and guitarist John Sheldon on the right).

This new Susan Angeletti Soul Cd reunites me with the many talents of roots guitarist John Sheldon who has played w Van Morrison, Linda Ronstadt and more.

 John Sheldon  produced my  bluesy and soulful debut CD "Susan Angeletti, Things You Throw Away". Guitarist John Sheldon and I toured w Bluesman Johnny Winter on the East and West Coasts on the strength of our live Shows together and from the reviews of this 1st Susan Angeletti CD. A thrilling time indeed!! 

   The new Susan Angeletti CD/project "Soul Is Where Its At" is a real labor of love for me this time especially because the focus is on Soul & Motown & Blues Music.⭐ The best music on earth.  It's my favorite music.

 I've always wanted to make a CD of classic Songs that I love to sing by Artists that I admire and that's just what this CD is!

  We are making lots of progress on the new Cd. Pianist and Organist Kevin Bias has come in and cut some wonderful parts on several songs. Particularly bringing to life a really classic and beautiful Smokey Robinson Track and more!! I can't give it all away lol !

 Talented Harmony Singer Jami-d has come in and lent her very lovely and soulful voice to some of the new Susan Angeletti Tracks. Sounding so sweet!! 
 Blues n R n B Gospel Queen Singer Reneé Austin is going to be coming in also and adding harmonies on a couple tracks too.
So looking forward to that too!  


  After 3 years of starting to record this newest Susan Angeletti Cd myself and pay for what I could myself slowly over this last 3 year period, I finally came to the realization I could not afford to finish the CD all on my own. After much encouragement from friends in the music business I have started a Gofundme Campaign. 

 I was  unfortunately hit by a drunk driver in 2010 at a very high rate of speed in my SUV. I was at a stop light. The person who hit me was going close to 65 to 70 miles an hour and did not see me and didn't slow down till it was too late.  This car accident caused me some serious physical problems, including herniated discs, a Post Concussive Disorder diagnosis, severe pain to top and back of my head and back of my neck. Pain I still live with now.  The car accident trauma re- aggravated and compounded a PTSD condition and anxiety issues I already had from a previous trauma that happened to me in my younger years.

 I am a survivor and a go getter though so I am pushin on here no matter what. I stay motivated and focused and look to the future.  But these issues has made it more challenging for me physically and financially and so here I am here on Gofundme ❤with positive encouragement from friends in the music blues and roots music world in U.S. and in the UK.  

Being a Singer is very rewarding in the heart, being able to make music, seeing people moved from a strong and emotional live performance.  I get such an incredible feeling being able to sing and play with great players. There is nothing like it. 
   I believe in the power of music to lift peoples spirits. I am so passionate about Singing and making music I can't live without doing it. I Would be forever so grateful if you would consider donating to the "Susan Angeletti Soul Is Where Its At" CD! Go Fund Me Campaign! I've been a busy singing Soul bee in the Studio and I'm ready to go do more Singing with your help! ❤

Here are a list of Recording Costs that your donations will go directly to with money raised by this Campaign:

$2500 1. Paying for Recording and mixing the new Susan Angeletti Soul Is Where Its at Cd!!  That is the biggest expense and most time consuming part of making the cd.  Especially paying the Engineers and Players/ Musicians. 

 3. ($500)Mastering the CD is a separate very important step after recording and mixing.

$1,200 Art design/ CD Pressing/ Copies of  CD:  Cover/ Booklet Layout and insides w out lyrics.
Cost of the pressing of actual # of the CDs most likely 1000 copies.
So my Cd is ready for pre orders, radio and selling at Live Shows too!! ⭐

$1,000 ( Aprox)CD Promotional costs:
get the CD heard and reviewed out there amongst all the other new Cd's comin out!!  Radio Promo. 

 So that's where YOU all come in to help. It truly takes a Village these days. 



    I am so excited about making this new Susan Angeletti Soul Is Where Its At CD and as I'm sure you can tell I truly love this Soul music and want to bring you my versions of some beautiful classic songs. Including some Smokey Robinson, Anne Peebles and the fabulous Etta James and more! 

 John Sheldon who produced my 1st CD Susan Angeletti, Things You Throw Away and he toured w me on the East and West Coasts w Johnny Winter has written many wonderful songs that I've recorded including Bittersweet, Things You Throw Away, Too Far, Into The Flame, Rueban's Train, Stick Around and more.
  I'm proud to have John back in the Studio playing guitar on these classic songs by folks like Smokey Robinson and more with me. John is a very talented guitarist and a caring kindred spirit. He is the real deal.  Hope you will join us and consider contributing what you can. You can find Johns music at www.johnsheldon.com

  Thankyou again for reading about this project that is so dear to my heart ❤!

Here is a link to my Website and music. 

 Please take a listen to a couple of the Songs I have included from previous Susan Angeletti CDs of mine so you can hear the music. Thankyou very much for reading. When I have a mix ready enough, I will post a snipet of a sneak peak of one of the new Songs.

Warmest bluesy regards,
Susan Angeletti

❤ ⭐Goodies for your SUSAN ANGELETTI "Soul is Where It's At" CD Contributions!   

Donate  $15 Get a Signed Susan Angeletti Cd

$30 Susan Angeletti T- Shirt
Sizes: S, M, L, X Large,XXL

$50 Signed Cd & Susan Angeletti T-Shirt
$100 Signed CD & Voice Lesson (Skype). Unless you are close by with in 20 miles.
$15 Signed Promo Photo (will write special note if its to a loved one if you ask)

⭐ $500 Acoustic Duo :Private House Concert Within 60 miles of western mass. Plus Signed CD & T- Shirt!!

$1100: Full Band Private House Concert⭐⭐ Within 75 miles of Western Mass.  Plus signed CD & T- Shirt!!

$200: I will come make you Breakfast or Lunch!! Within 50 miles of Northampton, Mass and a Signed CD.
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Thanking my friend Karla today for the steady encouragement in my musical life over the years for her continued encouragement in making and recording this new Susan Angeletti CD and for donating again today to the Susan Angeletti CD Go Fund Me Campaign!! You are such a truly kind and very caring special person. Thankyou again,

Sharin couple photos from Recording Studio. My brother Chris and his beautiful daughter Leila Ann waitin for Aunty Susan to finish singing. :)

Susan Angeletti in Recording Studio w my friend Karla. Listening to Vocal takes.

3rd photo:Susan Angeletti,big smilin, happy face drivin into the Studio!
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Thank YOU Phil Hampton and Blues@RRUK Rock Radio UK** for setting up a Flare here and so kindly Donating to the :):)Sassy Susan Angeletti Soul Is Where It's At Go Fund Me Cd Campaign! :):)
You're the Coolest Phil Hampton and I love RRUK which totally Supports Indie Artists with an Outlaw Spirit!! Rock Radio UK is my kinda place and you have an incredible devoted diverse passionate musical Team with all your amazing DJ's, my friends there like Young Jeni, Wolf, Tony Corner, Jim M., Bambi and more!! Woohoo!

Feel free to join us in the Outlaw Spirit and make a little Donation to the Susan Angeletti CD Campaign and you will get some fine fine quality SUSAN ANGELETTI Music out of it! Xoxoxo, Susan
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Hi My friends Singer Susan Angeletti here. Updates,Updates on the Susan Angeletti CD Recording!! Fabulous and dynamic Singer of Blues, Roots n Soul Reneé Austin is going to sing some wonderful Vocal parts...fabulous harmonies on 2 Tracks on the Susan Angeletti Soul Is Where It's At Cd! Reneé has sung w Delbert MC Clinton and shared stages with Icon singers Irma Thomas, Anne Peebles, Tommy Castro, Anthony Gomes and we have torn up a stage. or 2 together too ❤ ! So pleased to have her. Thank You Reneé for being a part of this.
Saxophonist Joe Nerney who also played on my 1st Cd
just added some super Horn parts and exquisite Soul and Motown n Blues Arrangements for 3 of the tunes. I'm loving it!
Thanku Joe!
Kevin Bias added lots of funky and sweet piano and organ! Lovely!! John Sheldon has been doin his wizardry guitar thang as always to everyone's amazement.
Won't you join us and make a contribution to the Go Fund Me Campaign to help see this Susan Angeletti Cd get to the Airwaves? I have 4 more Songs to record. You all know how expensive it is to make a CD these days. These are classic songs I'm recording that you know and Love, including:
You Really Got A Hold On Me by Smokey Robinson. Damn Your Eyes by Miss Etta James!!! I'm even out here drivin for Lyft in South Florida trying to make extra money to help pay for the CD but I just can't do it on my own. Singer Reneé Austin will be going into a Recording Studio in Minneapolis to cut her Vocal tracks with an Engineer. All your donations will go directly to paying the Musicians and Engineer for their time. I need to pay for Reneé and her Engineers Studio time out in Mineapolis plus my recording time is addding up at the Studio $50 per hour so I could still use lots of help!I thank everyone who has donated so far a total of $715! I need to raise $5000. I can't do it on my own...You Gotta help me baby as the Song goes! I just heard a smoking Johnny Winter version of that song yesterday while I was drivin for Lyft made me wanna find a hot Blues Guitarist and hit the Studio and start Singing and wailing!! That's me lol!! I'm sure most of you know I had the amazing opportunity to Tour with Johnny Winter early in my Career. Was a totally bluesifying, absolutely amazing experience. I carry those inspirational memories with me all the time in my heart. ❤ Thank You Johnny Winter and Thank you all for reading and supporting my music!!

1st Photo amazing and beautiful Singer Reneé Austin in red who will be joining us on the Cd!

2nd Photo: Singer Susan Angeletti w legendary Bluesman from Texas JOHNNY WINTER.

3rd Photo Singer Susan Angeletti at the Recording Studio cutting Sassy Soul Vocals for the new Susan Angeletti CD.

Thanku for your support!
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New CD Recording Progress Notes for you all! Welcome Saxophonist Joe Nerney to the Susan Angeletti "Soul Is Where It's At Cd"! Joe is adding some very fine Horn parts/ and he is doing the Arrangements for all the Horn parts to several of the Songs on the CD. So Thankful it is sounding beautiful & sultry and I believe Smokey would surely dig Joe's parts.

Joe knocked the Smokey Robinson cut we did :
You Really a got A Hold On Me outta the park. XO! :) :) :) Whoa.
Joe has played music with me, John Sheldon all the way back to my very 1st CD and he put some fine funky stuff on that CD too!
( 1st CD: "Susan Angeletti Things You Throw Away" Joe played on the Songs "Half Moon" and "Love You Like A Woman" along with Trumpeter Carlos Saloio. HalfMoon has always been one of my stand out favorite tracks from that Session. So Stay tuned think we will have a little Sneak Sound Peak SOON for ya to hear!
Here's a couple picture's of Joe Nerney in action!! By the way when Joe is not playing Saxophone rumor has it he was riding a Camel half way around the Earth when he was touring and playing music with Singer Songwriter Seth Glier! Go Joe!

Want to help make the Susan Angeletti CD? I would be so grateful for your donation. We have 4 more Songs still to record along with all work we are doing on these 6 Tracks now! Takes lotta time and unfortunately more money $$ then I have baby. Lol :) Xoxo, Thanku for check-in!
Love your Soul Singin Girl,
Susan Angeletti &
Joe the Soulful Saxman
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$777 of $5,000 goal

Raised by 16 people in 5 months
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