Spencer, Evicted Artist Gives Back

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Raised by 9 people in 5 months
Pat Parra
on behalf of Spencer Keeton Cunningham
My good friend, Spencer Keeton Cunningham is an artist that has really inspired me. He embodies someone who follows their dreams to the limit and is one of the most humble and giving people I know. He has had a prolific career as a painter, activist and filmmaker for the past decade. His work focuses on saving endangered species, environmental preservation and Native American rights. And for the last two years, he’s actually been on the road, non stop, on what he calls a "permanent painting adventure" but as of late he has been hit with really bad news.

After being on the road for over 800 days straight his plan was to come home and finally settle down. He had just returned to his apartment in San Francisco, which had been his home for 10 years before he hit the road to pursue his dreams. But after coming back he and his roomates were wrongfully forced out of their house because of habitability issues due to a negligent landlord.

Spencer and his roomates had been getting sick since he came back. His roomates and him did an air quality test and found out they had the highest concentration imaginable (100,000 times worse then normal) of what is referred to as the black widow of black mold in their home. The landlord did not remedy the problem at all forcing Spencer, and his closest friends and art colleagues and their 4 year old son on the street.

His friends moved away and with nowhere to go, Spencer was about to throw away almost all of his art (and by all of his art I mean about 500 pieces of art of all sizes, some 10 foot paintings even). He had given away all of his possessions to friends but couldnt find a single gallery in San Francisco that would hold onto his art, nor could he afford storage for it. But amongst all this turmoil and having to move out of his home with nowhere to go he decided instead to turn a negative into a positive.

He was lucky enough to find a gallery that would show his work last minute even though he had no home while setting up the show. In a matter of 2 days he created an art show unlike any one I have seen. The show is called "FAREWELL SAN FRANCISCO : A 12 year Retrospective" There is a Closing Reception FRIDAY, Oct. 28th 5-10PM at Heron Arts in SF. Located at 7 Heron St.  

The title references the gentrification of SF and his leaving the city for good). Spencer has no choice but to go back on the road now after his art show, a place that he has known for a long time.

But he wanted to give San Francisco one last look at his art before he says goodbye and he also stated he is donating half of whatever sales he gets for his art to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who are battling to keep their land and water safe right now (even though he doesnt have any money at all he is still trying to give to a good cause). A very good cause to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from being built.

He is offering his original paintings, drawings, and sculptures on a sliding scale. I wanted to raise money for him to keep painting on the road and continuing to inspire people everywhere he goes with his art. (Spencer sent me an email with a bunch of photos of his paintings since he's been traveling with links to movies and descriptions. Please take the time to check it out below )

Let's help keep Spencer fed on the road and help the Standing Rock Native American Movement at the same time. Any donation amount is welcome but there are art rewards below as well. I'm trying to raise money to help out my good friend in his hard times. Lets all pitch in and help him out. The world needs more artists like him.

P.S. Spencer has said that if you come dressed in a costume (the show is 3 days before Halloween) for his closing reception for his art show on FRIDAY, October 28th from 5-10pm at Heron Arts in San Francisco, he will give you a free small art peice

Below is some more information about the show from the gallery:

For the first time ever Cunningham is making his anthology of work available to the public. Works ranging from 1995-2016. His exhibit is titled "Farewell San Francisco: A 12 Year Retrospective" by Spencer Keeton Cunningham, an anthology of works by the prolific artist who is being wrongfully evicted after residing 12 years in his San Francisco apartment. Cunningham has come to say pack up his things and goodbye to the city with a farewell exhibition. Farewell San Francisco Closes on Friday Oct 28th, 2016from 5-10 PM. It is free and open to the public. The exhibition will be open by appointment until the end of October.

This farewell to San Francisco is a chance for people to view and purchase Cunningham’s large body of work before he closes the door on this chapter of his art career. The show will be an anthology of works the artist has created over the past 12 years, as well as his most recent paintings. This will be Cunningham's first­ ever solo exhibition in the San Francisco. Along with his solo works, there will be paintings for sale from his close friends, painting collaborators and roommates: Erlin Geffrard aka Kid Kreyola, Daisy Ortiz, and their son Daylin Geffrard. The four lived together in their house in San Francisco for numerous year and exhibited frequently in San Francisco and abroad, notably in 2013 at the Wenying Highland Art Museum in Guangzhou, China.

Born in 1983, Spencer Keeton Cunningham grew up in Portland skateboarding and painting from a very young age. Cunningham graduated from the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute. After leaving San Francisco in 2014, the prolific artist began working from the road which took him all over the world including the North and South Island of New Zealand, Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney, and the outback of Australia. Other countries Cunningham has exhibited and painted in include China, Japan, Ontario, British Columbia, the Yukon, Mexico, The Netherlands, Cuba, Tasmania, Hong Kong, Alaska, The United States, and Hawaii. Coming back to San Francisco to exhibit frequently, Cunningham has remained on tour for well over 800 days and is now forced to pack his things and go.



$4500 DONATION = PAINTING REWARDS ( 73 x 73 inches )

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - On the Road - acrylic on canvas - 73 x 73 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Mexico / Estados Unidos - acrylic on canvas - 73 x 73 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Red Country - acrylic on canvas - 73 x 73 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - US HI$TORY - acrylic on canvas - 73 x 73 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - MADE IN OUTERSPACE - acrylic on canvas - 73 x 73 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Computer Love / Rise of the Tech Empire - acrylic on canvas - 73 x 73 inches

$5000 DONATION = PAINTING REWARDS ( 77 x 77 inches )

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Tomahawk Microphone - acrylic on canvas - 77 x 77 inches

$2500 DONATION = PAINTINGS ( 52 x 52 inches)

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Gentrification of a Pharaoh - acrylic on canvas - 52 x 52 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Gentrification of Indian Land - acrylic on canvas - 52 x 52 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Iphone Indian- acrylic on canvas - 52 x 52 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Growth Hormones in Milk - acrylic on canvas - 52 x 52 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Revenge on the Nerds - acrylic on canvas - 52 x 52 inches

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Gentrifried - acrylic on canvas - 52 x 52 inches




Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Made in Wyoming - Ink on Paper 

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Wild Thing - Ink on Paper

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Seen it All 2 - Ink on Paper

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - The Last Frontier - Ink on Paper

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Seen it All - Ink on Paper

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Flat Top - Ink on Paper

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - Skateboard Blade - Ink on Paper

Spencer Keeton Cunningham -KFC - Ink on Paper

Spencer Keeton Cunningham - The Jackson 21- Ink on Paper















http://residenciagorila.com/works-by-spencer-keeton-cunningham-at-residencia-gorila /


Spencer at work in Mexico City 

Vancouver BC

Shawn and I- a film by Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Spencer Working with Shawn - Miami in 2014

Erlin Geffrard and Son Daylin (spencer's friends and roomates he lived with) in fron of a collaborative painting with Spencer

Daylin and Erlin Years Later in their house in SF

Denver Colorado

Vancouver BC

Zihuatanejo Guerrero Mexico

Spencer's work from 2006-2008

Spencer painting with Skinner (Left) and Aaron Glasson (middle) in Oahu Hawaii


Portland Oregon

Daylin, Erlin, and Daisy pictured above (the family Spencer lived with and collaborated with on countless art exhibits, including one at the Wenying Highland Art Museum in Guangzhou China in 2013)

Erlin working at Spencer and his ARCHETYPE$ art show in San Jose

A movie Spencer made with his close collaborator friend and fellow native artist/activist Jaque Fragua

Spencer and Jaque Fragua 

a painting Spencer did with Jaque Fragua in Portland Oregon

Standing Rock Camp. Image by CY Wagoner

Spencer's recent Mural addressing the Sioux Tribe's Battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline. This mural was painted in Massachusetts

Standing Rock - photo by Jaque Fragua

One of many art pieces Spencer made that has to do with Native American issues. Spencer is 1/4th Colville from the Conderated Tribes of the Colville Reservation. He grew up for part of his childhood in a Van next to a Lake with his brothers. Spencer also helped found A contemporary Native American Arts Organization in SF Called the Indigenous Arts Coalition

Indigenous Arts Coalition in 2009

Indigenous Arts Coalition in 2012

Protest Banner by Jaque Fragua for Standing Rock

Jaque Fragua, Cy Wagoner and others at Standing Rock

A painting made by Spencer and Jaque Fragua in a Juvenile prison for the imprisioned youth in Portland Oregon

Spencer in Canada

Spencer Painting in Mexico

Daisy Daylin and Erlin in China

Spencer's work in Seattle

Melbourne Australia 2016

Sydney Australia

Seattle Washington with Aaron Glasson

New Zealand 2016

Alaska Winter of 2014

Painting by Spencer and Lauren YS in Melbourne Austraila 2016

Making of the Wall

A movie spencer made while on the road camping in the mountains by himself in British Columbia

Miami 2015

Spencer and Aaron Glasson - Cancun - 2015

Spencer's paintings of a Tasmania Tiger in Tasmania - The Thylacine was hunted into extintion in Tasmania 2016

A painting of a Vaquita (a highly endangered Mexican Porpoise)  done by Spencer in Guerrero Mexico in 2015

Shark Fin Soup Painting in New Zealand - 2016

Mexico City

Spencer Keeton Cunningham and Jaque Fragua 2011

A movie of Jaque and Spencer painting in 2011

Spencer painting Empire Seven Studios in San Jose with Jaque Fragua

Mexico City

Spencer's work from 2008

Oahu Hawaii 2016

Oahu Hawaii 2014

Tulum Mexico

Vancouver BC 2014

Portland Oregon 2014

Oahu Hawaii 2014

San Francisco 2011

Current Farewell San Francisco exhibit. Closing Reception OCT 28, 5-10pm at Heron Arts  2016

Mexico City 2015

San Francisco performing with Erlin Geffrard, Basil Hylton, Jordan, And Tim Aristil

Xochimilco Mexico

Grass Valley 2013

Spencer and Aaron Glasson Sauvie Island Oregon - 2013

A scuplture Spencer Made. Inside the miniature shoe rotated from an electronic motor. He said it was a reference to sweat shop labor in our culture today. The show was positioned as a prism inside of a pyramid he created with Erlin.

Thats me enjoying the art

Spencer at the age of 4

A painting by Spencer and Aaron Glasson in Seattle about the pollution of the area.

Spencer in front of a painting he made with Aaron Glasson in Oregon on a trip they took through the northwest. They called the Tour. "Abandon the Northwest"

Abandon the northwest tour

A trailer to a feature length film Spencer made in NYC called Cheeseburger

An exhibit Spencer did in China at a Museum

Spencer doing an art show and skateboarding in Hong Kong

A movie Spencer made of me almost 10 years ago in San Francisco

Spencer's painting of a Skinned Tasmanian Devil in Tasmania. The Tasmania devil is endangered with a rare form of Cancer and is nearly extinct

Spencer's painting on the Jose De Diego Middle School in Miami

Miami Art Basel 2015

Mexico City

Tulum Mexico 2015

ART HI$TORY by Spencer (next to Keith Harings 1984 peice in Melbourne Australia) An homage to Harings beginnings of removing advertisements in subways in NYC. This peice was in support of Aboriginal Rights in Australia done in 2016. This was part 3 of a series. THe previous one was done 3 years prior at the SFMoMA right before it closed down.

Spencer's work in the SFMoMA 2013

Original ART HI$TORY performance with Erlin Geffrard AKA Kool Kid Kreyola in 2011

Native America themed work by Spencer referecing his Indian Reservation he grew up on amonst other themes in Seattle Washington 2015

Standing Rock photo by Jaque Fragua

New Zealand

Sacramento 2014

San Francisco 2013

Spencer in his art exhibit #30 with Moka Only

A film directed, animated, shot, and edited by Spencer in Vancouver BC with Moka Only

Spencer in Argentina 2008

A film Spencer created in 2008 in Argentina

Erlin (Left) Spencer Right

Spencer and Erlin's son Daylin

Spencer worked together with his Friend Erlin Geffrard constantly. They were so close they were more like family then friends. Theyre art merged together on canvas as well as in what they called FINE ART VIDEO PAINTINGS.

ART MONEY - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 1/100

DRAW YOU INTO MY WORLD - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 2/100

BLACK SAM - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 3/100

ME & MY SHARK FIN - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 4/100

DOPE BOYS- Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 5/100

BLACK SANTA / KRAMPUS KRISTMAS - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 6/100

IN THE ART WORLD- Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 7/100

DANCE ON THE MOON - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 8/100

WRITING ON THE WALL- Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 9/100

ALL ALONE- Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 10/100

SPACE MAN IN AFRICA - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 11/100

IMAGINATION STATION EXPLANATION - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 12/100

ARTIST OF THE YEAR  - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 13/100

UP IN MY MIND- Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 14/100

SHARK FIN SOUP INFOMERCIAL- Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 15/100

MAKING OF "ME AND MY SHARK FIN" - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 16/100

BELLY OF THE BEAST - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 17/100

BELLY OF THE BEAST  2- Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 18/100

BLACK SAM SPEAKS - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 19/100

ERLIN GEFFRARD AT THE SFMOMA - Acrylic on Video- Video Painting with Erlin Geffrard - Video Painting 20/100

Universe painting by Erlin Geffrard

Gentrifried Art Exhibit Spencer did with Erlin and Jaque Fragua in SF focusing on the Tech Gentrification of the area before they were forced out of their home

Spencer in fron of his works at the Gentrifried art exhibit that he came up for the theme for and co curated at Luggage Store Gallery in SF

ARCHETYPE$ ART EXHIBIT - an art show spencer did with Erlin Geffrard in San Jose

Review of the ARCHETYPE$ Exhibit. Spencer built a giant computer in the gallery rerpresenting the origins of the tech gentrification of the city he loved and lived in, San Francisco

Spencer building the computer

The finished product

Spencer is also a talented director. This is a music video he created in Tulum Mexico with an artist named SUNRU

A documentation of Spencer's travels in Alaska

Spencer interacting with a wild fox in the Yukon on his journey

Spencer Sketching Wild Bison


Spencer's paintings in Mexico City

A hip hop Ninja Film Spencer made in Tulum Mexico

Ben Eine and Spencer in Miami

A film Spencer created of Ben Eine

A wall Spencer painted in miami with Shawn Palmer. A young artist he met and mentored and continues to keep in touch with,

Spencer painting with his friend from Belgium in Tulum Mexico


A painting Spencer made that you could walk inside of in San Francisco

A preview for a film Spencer made on his good friend and Legendary Filmmaker George Kuchar before he passed away

Another peice for George

A young Crow Native American skateboarder with that shirt that Spencer gave to him in Montana.

Spencer Working in Canada on an art show

A video Spencer made to raise money for Skateboarders in Cuba who could not afford skateboards

A film Spencer made in Cuba

One of Spencer's only remaining murals in SF in 2016.

Mexico City

A still from a film Spencer made with Erlin Geffrard called Me and My Shark Fin

Spencer and his close friend Aaron Glasson

A project Spencer did in Tulum Mexico to help restore the coral in the Mexican Carribean

A movie Spencer made of a whale shark with his friend Alfonso Garrido at Residencia Gorila

Spencer painting in Cuba in the spring of 2014

An exhibit in Canada that Spencer called "Encephalon" He created a giant cardboard brain and made it so the viewer could enter through the ear canal. Inside of the brain motors were spinning different cardboard elements with a video playing welcoming the viewer to the brain of the artist. Inside the exhibit was also a giant cardboard hammer. So that the public could destroy the exhibit if they didnt like it.

Spencer having fun making an install video

Mexico City

A film that Spencer made that recently premiered in the Portland Art Museum alongside new work by Gus Van Sant

Thanks for your suppport...

Edited by Blake Bogosian
excerpts edited by Spencer Keeton Cunningham
Cinematography by
Yoshitaro Yanagita
Blake Bogosian
Spencer Keeton Cunningham
Zane and Derek at Chop Em Down Films

Filmed on location in:
New Zealand
British Columbia
Mexico City
Portland Oregon
San Jose
San Francisco
Anacortes Washington
and many other places in-between

Additonal Footage courtesy of:
Erlin Geffrard, Daisy Ortiz, & Daylin Geffrard
Isiah Flores
Michelle Pezel
Moka Only
Michael Freeman
Kyla Ferguson
Aaron Glasson
Chris Miller
Suzanne Olmstead

Animation / Piano  / Film Score by:
Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Additional Music by:
Isiah Flores / Spencer Keeton Cunningham
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Update 1
Posted by Carlos Araujo
1 month ago
Thank you so much for your donations.

I Spencer made it to Standing Rock and has been helping anyway that he can.

He has been doing a documentary to help spread awareness and helping with sign painting.

Spencer really appreciates the donations as they are helping him sustain and support the people at Standing Rock as much as he can.

So thank you again!
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$470 of $4,500 goal

Raised by 9 people in 5 months
Created October 24, 2016
Pat Parra  
on behalf of Spencer Keeton Cunningham
Dave Hooke
4 months ago

Much love bro. Stand strong & stay safe! Wish I could help in person but I know this will go to the right place. Wishing all out there strength & determination! Cheers mate! Dave & Miya xo

Bethany GFM
4 months ago

Thank you for continuously using your talents to open our eyes to the bigger picture. Hope to cross paths with you again soon- make a visit down to San Diego if you get a chance.

Aaron Glasson
4 months ago

You inspire us all brother.

Janice Hudson
5 months ago

Thanks for the inspiration, Spencer. Keep making awesomeness.

Louis Jensen
5 months ago

Love Brotherman ✌️ Louis

Whitney Locke
5 months ago

You inspire me to travel and be free bummed to hear about the mold! Hope this helps...

Camus Revel
5 months ago
Nancy Ahn
5 months ago
Suzanne Olmsted
5 months ago

keep the faith Spencer, but not black mold ... I have learned it is good to leave San Francisco, it has changed to much in ways that don't help non-aligned artists today

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