Song of the Sidhe - Lia Scallon

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Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and check out my special project!

I’m Lia Scallon, an award-winning Sacred Songstress and Composer. For the past 20 years I’ve been the conduit for the unique, otherworldly music known as the 'Sounds of Sirius'. These angelic songs are accompanied by a mystical ‘Language of Light’ which carries key  activation codes to trigger deep soul remembrances. Listeners experience a profound sense of ‘coming home’ as they are enveloped by the pure unconditional Love woven through the sounds. To date, I have released 10 'Sounds of Sirius' albums. My two most recent albums have both  won awards for 'Best New Age Album', amongst other award nominations.

A New Project that needs your Help!

Because of the radical shift in the music industry, it's now 5 years since I recorded a new album. Unfortunately, few people buy CDs any more.  Streaming was responsible for 60% of music consumption in the past year as most people now expect their music for free. With streaming royalties at around  0.1 – 0.6cents per stream, most independent artists are left pretty well high and dry.

Nonetheless, I have embarked on a new music project! I feel this new music has the potential to touch the hearts of many thousands of people across the globe, by unlocking the door to a hidden world of magic and mystery. The focus of the new album is the Irish Faerie Kingdom, the Sidhe (pronounced Shee). The Sidhe are not your tiny Tinkerbelle fairies! They are a race apart - beings of great stature and power who exist in a parallel dimension to ours. It is the they who wish to connect with us through this new music called ‘Song of the Sidhe’.

Are Faeries Real?

The Riders of the Sidhe -  John Duncan (1866-1945)

Growing up in Ireland I was imbued with a healthy respect for the Faerie Kingdom. In the Celtic world the Faeries are a race that can help or harm, depending on the relationship you have with them. As a child, I remember being told that one must never cut down a lone tree in a field as that is a Faerie tree. To do so would result in the Faeries putting thorns in your bed! To this day farmers in Ireland leave offerings such as butter, milk and honey for the Faeries in the hope of a good harvest, and protection of their livestock. 

In recent years my connection to the Sidhe has greatly deepened, and on a trip to Ireland a few months ago, it reached a new zenith. The Rainbow Gateway photograph below appeared immediately after a simple ceremony to help open a Faerie portal.


‘Song of the Sidhe’

On returning to Australia, the Sidhe told me that they wished to use my music to 'awaken' human beings to their presence. This music, they said, would open the portals between their world and ours, so that they can rise up and walk amongst us again.

Given the state of the music industry, the decision to embark on this project involved a significant battle between head and heart! The Sidhe's message was so compelling however, that I resolved to set my fears aside and comply with their wishes. With blind faith that the necessary abundance would manifest, I went ahead and booked the studio and musicians. Then, on the powerful 12/12 gateway of December 12th, a day when the veil between worlds was gossamer thin, I began to lay down the first bedrock vocals and musical accompaniment for ‘Song of the Sidhe’.


Who are the Sidhe?

                               John Duncan (1866-1945)

The Sidhe are descendants of the the Tuath De Danann, a mythical peace-loving race of sky gods who had the ability to move between worlds. When the Milesians conquered Ireland they drove this ancient people further and further back until eventually they were forced underground  to become the people of the Hollow Hills, the Faerie people. The Sidhe have been waiting for a sign that human beings might be willing to acknowledge their presence and speak to them. An opportunity now presents for a new era to dawn when the Sidhe can rise up to walk amongst us once more.

The Sidhe Wish to Help Us
 Ivory, Apes and Peacocks - John Duncan (1866-1945)

 Humanity is at a critical juncture. We have become so disconnected from Nature and from ourselves that we are fast hurtling towards our own annihilation. The Sidhe wish to help us. They have a vision of a New Earth where they can walk beside us in harmony; where the plants, rocks and animals are also recognised as living Light consciousness; where everything is part  of a grand and Divine whole. It is time for humankind to awaken to, and acknowledge the Sidhe’s existence.

Queen Tea Tephi – High Queen of the Sidhe
Merlin and the Fairy Queen- John Duncan (1866-1945)
During my recent communications with the Sidhe, I was inspired to write a poem which you will find in the 'Updates' section below. The voice in this poem is Queen Tea Tephi, daughter of an Egyptian Pharaoh, who was inaugurated as High Queen of Ireland in 583BC. It's my belief that she is also High Queen of the Sidhe. The story she tells in this poem will be the driving force behind the music of 'Song of the Sidhe Queen'

The Sidhe’s Are Calling You Too!

The Sidhe wish other humans to support the creation of this music too. They showed me that if you project your Love and Intention towards myself and the musicians, it will creat a tangible wave of energy that will underpin the artistic endeavour. This wave of love and intent will also serve as a powerful affirmation for the Sidhe that Humankind really do wish to embrace them. They in turn, promise to weave their magic and their mystery through the music, and through our lives.

Your Involvement

I feel that the Sidhe are with me every step of the way. The reality is however, that in order to complete this important project, I'm going to need some practical and financial support. Which is where you come in!

I have funded the first phase of this special project myself. Professional studio recording and the hiring of quality musicians however, are very costly. Studio fees average at $1000 per day. As there are many more weeks of recording and mixing the album ahead, the only way I can progress to the next stage is with your   support. I need your help!

With trust that the Sidhe would  find the abundance necessary for me to complete this project, I decided to forge ahead with further recording, in the faith that all would be well. As such, I've been back in the studio for several more recording sessions since 12/12.
February 2018 Update

And it is my great  joy to share that my trust in the Sidhe has been rewarded...

Thanks to the support of the beautiful and generous souls who have donated through this page to date, the first major target for the Recording Phase has been met! That has allowed me keep going in the studio, and I have now  completed the main recording. We have even begun to mix the album which is incredibly exciting! I'm hoping that, all going to plan, by mid March I will have a final mix of the soundtrack ready to send to the manufacturers for pressing.

Thank you from my Heart!      

To date your Donations have helped to pay for:

Recording Stages 1-8  - Studio Hire/Production Engineer  ($1000 per day = $8000)
Musician Fees  - Keyboards, Flute, Violin, Harp, Cellist, Drums and Percussion ($3000)
Mixing Costs - Stages 1-6 - Studio/Production Engineer ($1000 per day - $6000)
Go Fund Me fees - Approx 7.9% of total donated + .30 cents per Transaction

Please stay the course with me for  Phase 2
When the recording and mixing of the album is complete, there are a whole other raft of very substantial expenses involved in manufacturing the album, and then letting people know of its existence. These costs are similar to, and can actually exceed the recording costs. 

- CD Replication & Manufacture - $4986.10
- Album Artwork & Layout  -  $22180.00
- Photography  -  500.00
- Freight Costs USA, UK, Aust  - $973.50
- Gofundme/Web costs - $1000
- Digital Distribution - (to come)
- Printed Promotional Materials (to come)

- USA/Worldwide Radio Promoter costs -  $5000.00 (minimum)
- Recording of Radio Promos  - $500
- USA Consultant costs - $3500.00 (minimum)
- Radio Mailing costs -  $2312.49 (minimum)
- Australia Promoter costs  - (to come)

- Video Production - (to come)
- Publicist  - (to come)

- Go Fund Me fees - Approx 7.9% of total donated + .30 cents per Transaction

Radio/Video Promotion
Going to all the effort and expense of creating a new album is somewhat fruitless if people don’t know the music exists! Radio promotion is what gets you airplay; airplay hopefully gets you into the charts; getting into the charts is what qualifies you for entry for the various Awards etc. The multiple award nominations garnered for my last two award-winning albums 'Crystal Keys' and 'The Luminous Pearl' were the result of hiring a Radio promoter who got the albums to radio stations across the USA. That resulted in airplay which got them into them both into the Top Ten in the genre's Radio charts.

The more people 'Song of the Sidhe' reaches, and the more of humanity who become aware of who the Sidhe are, the more rapidly the portals between our worlds will open, to allow balance and harmony take hold upon our Earth. The magic and the energy of the Sidhe are embedded in the frequencies of the music being created. This music is designed to trigger remembrances in those who hear it. It is designed to Awaken, to Heal, to Inspire and to invoke Joy.

Any support you can offer to bring 'Song of the Sidhe' to the attention of the world therefore, would be deeply appreciated. If you could spread the word and share this campaign link  with your friends, family and other like-minded souls that would be awesome!

Reward Levels

There are several donation levels to choose from with great Rewards attached. You'll find a description of all the reward items on my online store at

If you would simply like to send a donation for the project, no strings attached, that would be marvellous!

To do so - just Click the 'Donate' button at the top of page directly opposite the video, and enter an amount of your choosing.

Please help spread the word!



A Look at my Previous Work

The ‘Sounds of Sirius’ Collection   -   Sound Samples:

Award-Winning Albums

WINNER    –  Best New Age Album – International One World Music Awards

2nd PLACE –  Best Sound Healing Album –  International COVR Awards

FINALIST   –  Best Vocal Album –  International ZMR Awards

WINNER    –  Best New Age Album – International COVR Awards

FINALIST  –  Best Vocal Album –  International ZMR Awards

FINALIST  –  Best Relaxation/Meditation Album –  International ZMR Awards

“Lia’s voice is spectacular“ it reaches right into the soul.” – Europe

‘Sounds of Sirius’ YouTube Videos

Pearl  (Crystal Keys)

Citrine  (Crystal Keys)

Diamond Light  (Meditation for Women)

Breath of Life  (Breath of Life)

Thank you from my heart, for taking the time to visit and read about this special project. The Sidhe and I will be forever grateful for any support you can give.

Love and Blessings,

GoFundMe Link:

Meet the Sidhe for Yourself in Ireland

Last year in 2017, myself and dear friend Stephanie Phelps, took a group of people on a spiritual 'Journey of Love'  to Mystical Ireland. The entire trip was filled with such surprise and delight, and was such a transformative experience for everyone involved, that we have decided to do it again this year! 

Ireland is steeped in mystical lore, spirituality, history, legends, breathtaking scenery and ancient sites where the veils between the worlds are thin. In fact, many of the sites we visit are older than the pyramids. Our ‘Mystical Ireland' Journey of Love offers an opportunity for real connection with the energy and people of the Emerald Isle. We visit Stone Circles, Holy Wells, ancient Druidic sites, Faerie Forts where we can expect  interactions with the Irish Faerie Folk, the Sidhe, and much more.

Last year we had several incredible encounters with the Sidhe on our travels. It was these powerful and personal experiences that opened the door to the Faerie world much wider for me, establishing a communication with the Sidhe that eventually kickstarted this special 'Song of the Sidhe' project.

Find out more about our 'Mystical Ireland' Tour at:

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Dear GoFundMe Friends,

The Worldwide Release date of my new album 'Song of the Sidhe' on May 18th is drawing close now, which is very exciting! Before that day comes, I thought I would write to you one last time, to thank you once again for your support through this journey of creation.

And what a labour of love it has been. Through all the inevitable highs and lows, excitement and doubt that are integral to any artistic creation, I felt the presence mysterious Faerie folk, the Sidhe (Shee) with me every step of the way. This is their music…this is their song…and I feel privileged to have been chosen to bring it through unto this earthly plane. This music has a specific purpose - to open the Faerie Portals across the planet and reconnect us with our Faerie brethren - and it is my hearts hope that it will achieve all the Sidhe desire.

As I mentioned in my last update, you have been drawn to this project because there is a role for you to play. The Sidhe have chosen you to help anchor the energetic frequencies of their music, into the geographic location in which you live, and through which you travel. I know that you will do that, and my heart is full when, in my mind's eye, I see the portals of Light throughout the planet opening, and envision the Sidhe streaming through.

I am also full of gratitude, (and might I say relief!) at the first Music Industry Reviews of the album that have started to come in!

And having been able to send your copies out in advance of the official Release Date, I have been delighted at the feedback some of you have sent through too....

I undertook the task of creating this music as a gift of service to the Sidhe and to humanity. It has involved enormous trust, because of the vast costs involved. With the assistance you have provided to fund the recording however, you have shared a substantial portion of that load, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I still have quite a journey ahead, with the marketing and Radio promotion of the album, however. So, it would be wonderful if you tell all your friends, family and any Faerie lovers you know about the music! Every dollar I receive in sales, will be ploughed straight back into paying the marketing costs. If you could continue to assist me with this part of the venture by spreading the word, I shall be eternally grateful, and I know that the Sidhe will bless you for it too.

The album is available now from my website:

Worldwide Release – May 18th, 2018

Pre-ordered Copies will be Mailed In Advance on May 11th

I will be closing the 'Song of the Sidhe' Campaign page down in the next day or so, but if you need to contact me please feel free to email me at:

May the Sidhe Weave their Magic through your Soul
As you share their Song with the world.

With Love and many Blessings
From myself and the Sidhe,

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Dear Go Fund Me Friends,

I know this missive comes hot on the heels of yesterday's update, but there's something the Sidhe have asked me to communicate to you.

I have just completed my morning meditation practice. As I called in my Guides from the Angelic and other realms, I saw with clarity, that with the remainder of your Reward packages being mailed today, 'Song of the Sidhe' will have 'gone' from me and will truly now be out in the world.

With that, the Sidhe stepped in and they remained with me through the last hour. As I sang, they showed me that my role in this project has now changed. It is time for me to pass the baton to you. My job of bringing through their song, their story, and their energy from the ethers, and birthing it into physical form has been completed. It is now up to you, and all those others who receive the music, to unfold the next chapter.

It is the Sidhe's desire that if possible, you listen to the album for the first time in one sitting. Unlike my other albums, 'Song of the Sidhe' unfolds a specific story. As you listen, you will be taken on a journey deep into the world of the Sidhe. Each track is a journey in itself, but by listening to the entire 8 tracks as a whole, you will be immersed in the Sidhe's energy in a special way.

You have been drawn to support this project because there is a active role for you to play. You have been selected by the Sidhe to be the first to anchor the energetic frequencies of this, their music, in the geographic location in which you live, and through which you travel. Before you listen, I suggest that you set the intention that these inter-dimensional frequencies will find their way into every nook and cranny of the earth around you, that they will wrap around every majestic tree, every plant, every stone and every elemental being in the vicinity; that they find their way into the veins and leylines of Mother Earth, and in so doing that the Sidhe of the region you live in will hear and respond. Sense the Sidhe responding to the first strains of the music; see them release their grief and witness them illuminate with joy as they hear their story being told to the world. And with that, envision them emerging through the portals of Light that you have opened with your Love and your heart's intent.

Any doubts that I may have had that the Sidhe have been masterminding this project were put to bed a week ago. DHL Couriers picked up the shipments for the USA, UK, Ireland and Australia from the factory in Taiwan all on the same day. I was amazed to hear from my sister in Ireland just two days later, that her box had already arrived and thought, 'How interesting, that she is the first person to receive the album.' As I went to bed a couple of hours later, the Sidhe whispered in my ear, "But of course she was the first to receive them...Ireland is the home of the Irish Sidhe who instigated this project, so it is only fitting, right and proper, that the land of Ireland and the Faerie forts and glens of the Emerald Isle, be the first place to receive the frequencies."

It was only in September last year when I was in Ireland, when she witnessed the opening of a Faerie portal, that my sister got a first-hand glimpse of the energetic work I've been doing for the past 20 years. The Sidhe opened something in her that day, and since receiving 'Song of the Sidhe', there is a blossoming of understanding within her that is awesome to behold. The day after receiving the album, and for the four following days, she travelled to all the key places I felt played a role in igniting the birth of the music, including the Hill of Tara and the entire Newgrange/Bru na Boinne area. She encircled the entire lake to which the track 'Enchanted Crystalline Lake is dedicated. She travelled literally hundreds of miles, playing the music constantly all the way; bringing the music to the Sidhe, and sending it out to them with a prayer of Love and Gratitude.

I said to my sister at the time, "For whatever reason, it is your job to perform this task - not mine. My role was to pull the music through from the ethers and birth it into physical manifestation, but it was yours to be the first person to anchor it into the land of Ireland."

And so I say the same to you dear Friends...I pass the baton to you now. Wherever you are in Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, Hawaii or wherever else on the planet you reside or travel to, it is up to you now to anchor these frequencies of Light. As you play the music and as your own cells absorb the Light codes contained within it, en nvision the magnificence of the portals between the Faerie world and the human world opening. See the Sidhe joyously streaming through those portals, to join with Humankind in a blessed reunion.

The Sidhe thank you dear Friends...
And I thank you for undertaking this task.

Love and Blessings,
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Dear Go Fund Me Friends,

It's Here!!

The shipment of my new album 'Song of the Sidhe' arrived on my doorstep a couple of days ago. It is very exciting indeed to finally be able to hold the finished product in my hand. The manufacturer has done a marvellous job. The colour reproduction and quality of the luxurious 6-Panel Gatefold pack and 8-Page Booklet, are absolutely top class.

Although the album cannot be released to the general public in advance of the Official Worldwide Release on May 18th, I am permitted to send copies out to my Go Fund Me Donors as these copies are classed as gifts rather than sales. So you'll be happy to know that after receiving the CDs on Friday, I got to the post office in time to mail half of the Donor packages out. I will have the rest packed up by the end of today, so that they can be mailed out to you tomorrow.

Packages within Australia will take 5-7 days to arrive and those to International destinations will take approximately 2 weeks.

I shall be await your feedback with anticipation. I truly hope that the music meets your expectations. And my heartfelt thanks again for your generous support.

Love and Blessings,

PS If you live outside Australia and the Reward item you selected on the Go Fund Me page had a Overseas Extra postage notation ( an invoice for that extra AUD$$ amount has already been emailed to you. Your package will be mailed as soon as payment is received.
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Dear Go Fund Me Friends,

I wanted you to be the first to know that the listing for my new album 'Song of the Sidhe' as just gone 'live' on my website!

Here is the link:

You can now listen to Sound Bites of the music and read some more about the story of the music. This is an exciting but nervous time for me, as the music is now out in the world, albeit in very annotated form. I have put my heart and soul into the creation of this new work, and I sooo want you to enjoy it.

The other news I have to impart is that I expect the shipment of the actual CDs to arrive early next week! Although I cannot actually release the album to the public in advance of the May 18th Worldwide Release date in terms of 'sales', I can send it out in 'gift' form. As your donations are classified as gifts, that means that I can go ahead and send your copies out! And aren't you the lucky ones!

For those of you not resident in Australia, I'll be sending your separate invoice for the EXTRA INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE that was itemised on the relevant Reward Levels, in the next few days. I wanted to give you some advance warning so that you can look out for it. As soon as I've received the extra postage payment, I will have your package in the mail.

Thank you again for your support. I hope that you are as excited as I am to see the project at this stage. I would really appreciate it if you could continue to spread the word however. The costs currently rolling in for the manufacturing and radio promotion are actually pretty scary, so it would be great if you could share either the GFM link or my website link with your networks!

I shall be in touch again when your packages are ready for mailing. In the meantime, Happy Listening!

Love and Blessings,
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$17,005 of $25,000 goal

Raised by 66 people in 5 months
Created December 16, 2017
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Donna Morgan
1 month ago

Im so excites that you are creating in the studio again .. Looking forward to this one in my collection...

Kyrona Hope
1 month ago

I am overjoyed you got your project off the ground and I can't wait to receive the downloads. The sound bits are incredible.

Angela Taylor
2 months ago

I could not miss contributing to this wonderful project. Your work is so valued by many and sound frequency healing touches my heart and heralds a new generation of healers.

Cheryle Cottome
2 months ago

Love & gratitude Lia xxx

Fay Stalley
2 months ago

Beautiful .. you have such and exquisite voice Lia and what you bring through is breathtaking .. I'm so looking forward to this .. thank you ♥

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