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Raised by 69 people in 53 months

Deepan is born and rasied in Canada and has an Ontario Birth certifcate, Held multiple Canadian passports. The Canadian government took away Deepan's citizenship even though Deepan has no other citizenship any where else and has rendered Deepan Stateless.

Like hundreds of thousands of other people living in Canada, Deepan is being denied healthcare because of immigration status. As you know, Canada is refusing to recognize Deepan's citizenship, and attempting to cast him out of his home society. Because Canada ties healthcare to immigration status, he finds himself among the ranks of those who are either denied healthcare entirely, or must battle with a bewilderingly complex bureaucracy to obtain even the most basic coverage. Even though the Federal Court ruled in July that the government's 2012 retrenchment from refugee healthcare was "cruel and unusual", and the government was forced to backtrack earlier this month, immigration status is still used to deny healthcare to Deepan and more than half a million other people excluded from status in Canada.

Deepan is, of course, fighting this arbitrary withdrawal of a social right that he has exercised for more than 23 years in this, his home country. However, it is a long and uphill battle and in the meantime, Deepan has no coverage and no safety net.

Where the state refuses to abide by the Rule of Law and encourages a blatantly discriminatory policy, we the community are compelled to act. Particularly so, because Canada is also refusing to grant Deepan a work permit, making it illegal for him to work in Canada, and thus impossible for him to contribute to these costs himself.

This is why we have launched the campaign to Give the Gift of Health to Deepan this holiday season. We're asking you to give the gift of health by contributing to the purchase of health insurance for Deepan for one year. Insurance for someone in Deepan's strange and precarious position costs approx. $2200 per year. But that doesn't cover things like blood work, prescriptions, and other services not related to emergency situations. So we are asking for a bit more, just in case Deepan needs to go and see a doctor within the next year. In total, we are hoping to raise $3000 (which amounts to approximately $8.22 per day).

Deepan’s campaign provides an opportunity for us to speak out against the cruel practice that now prevails in our country to deny those in need medical services based on immigration status. We encourage you to give the gift of health to Deepan this holiday season and to join us in trying to protect those that have been deprived health care by our government. For every contribution of $25 or more, Deepan will send you (or a person of your choosing) a personal thank you and holiday greeting card. Making a donation in someone else's name makes a great and meaningful gift for those you love. For this option, please input the name and information of the person you are donating for on the first page of the form. The second page will allow you to input your own name and billing information. Cards will be sent as soon as possible after your donation is made.

This holiday season, please give the gift of health to Deepan.

Find out more about Deepan's case.  

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Pack the Courtroom! Deepan’s constitutional health hearing Tuesday Feb 24th, 1:45 pm
(Le français suit)

As you may have heard, Deepan was forced to buy private health insurance to obtain health coverage. However, he is challenging the Ontario government for refusing to provide him with a health card and access to basic medical services that everyone in Canada should be able to access.

One of the many hoops Deepan must go through to challenge the provincial government’s decision is a constitutional hearing in front of the Health Services Appeal and Review Board where Deepan will argue that his Charter rights have been infringed.

The Justice for Deepan committee is asking for as many supporters as possible to observe and show their support during this part of the adjudication process. Please come out and help us pack the court!

When: February 24th, starting 1:45 pm (hearing starts at 2pm)

Where: 170 Laurier street west (room TBD)

Please circulate widely!

Remplissons la salle d’audience! Audience constitutionnelle de Deepan pour sa couverture médicale, mardi 24 février, 13h45

Comme vous le savez peut-être, Deepan fut forcé à s'acheter une assurance santé privée. Néanmoins, il porte la décision du gouvernement ontarien en appel pour leur refus de lui accorder une carte d'assurance maladie et un accès à des soins de santé de base que tous au Canada devraient avoir accès.

Une des nombreuses barrières que Deepan doit franchir est cet appel de la décision du gouvernement en audience constitutionnelle devant la commission d'appel et de révision des services de santé où il argumentera ces droits constitutionnels ont été violés.

Le comité Justice pour Deepan demande qu'autant de supporters que possible se présentent pour témoigner et appuyer Deepan au cours de processus judiciaire. Aidez-nous à remplir la salle!

Quand : 24 février, 13h45 (début de l’audience à 14h)

Où : Rencontre dans le lobby du 170 Laurier (salle encore inconnue); quelqu'un sera à l'entrée pour vous diriger au bon endroit.
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1 February 2015

Dear Supporters,

Happy February! We wanted to write with a quick update on Deepan’s case, as well as information about some important upcoming events.

Firstly, thank you so much to all of you wonderful people that helped us reach our fundraising goal for Deepan’s health care costs. Together we surpassed our goal, earning $3,116.00!

Secondly, although Deepan can now purchase private insurance for the year, we are still pursuing all possible legal avenues to challenge his denial of health care coverage. This month Deepan will have a hearing before the Health Services Appeal and Review Board to argue that his Charter rights have been infringed. Therefore, we are calling on all supporters to help us pack the courtroom on 24 February at 1:45pm. Meet us at 170 Laurier and a member will be there to tell you which room, to help show the Board that Deepan has many supporters who are watching them as they adjudicate on this shameful decision.

Moreover, we are asking supporters to write to the Honourable Eric Hoskins, Ontario Minister of Health and Long Term Care, and ask him to reconsider the provincial government’s decision to deny Deepan access to health care. A draft letter is below - all you need to do is sign your name!

Send your emails to:,

Dear Honourable Eric Hoskins,

I write to you today to ask that you please work with staff within your Ministry to address the gross injustice that has been committed against Mr. Deepan Budlakoti, a young Ottawa born man that I am concerned about. As you know, your Ministry has decided to deny Mr. Budlakoti his legal right to access health care in the province of Ontario, leaving him without basic health coverage.

The Federal Court recently emphasized Canada’s commitment to providing health care for ALL people in Canada [Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care et al v. Canada (2014)]. In this case, Justice Mactavish specifically claimed that denying vulnerable populations access to health care constituted “cruel and unusual punishment”, a violation of Canada’s constitutional commitments.

Mr. Budlakoti will be before the Health Services Appeal and Review Board on 24 February. We ask that you and the staff within your Ministry right this disproportionate wrong and restore Mr. Budlakoti’s access to health care.

_________ (sign name here)

Twitter users can use the following tweet:

Shame on @DrEricHoskins & @ONThealth for denying Deepan Budlakoti health care access #cruelandunusualpunishment #restoreit 

As always, please let us know if you have questions. Thank you for your ongoing support!

In solidarity,

Justice for Deepan Support Committee
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Français ci-dessous

Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your ongoing support! We are very happy to announce that we are 2/3 of the way to our goal for Deepan’s health care costs for the year! With only a week to go, we are hoping that you can help us reach our goal of $3,000. If you have family or friends that might consider giving to the campaign please send them this link:

You can also help us by using Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to spread the word about the campaign and Deepan’s story. Like hundreds of thousands of other people living in Canada, Deepan is being denied healthcare because of his immigration status. Help us draw attention to this injustice for Deepan and the many others put in precarious positions by the unfair actions of the Canadian federal government.

Please remember that, for every contribution of $25 or more, Deepan will send you (or a person of your choosing) a personal thank you and holiday greeting card. Making a donation in someone else's name makes a great and meaningful gift for those you love. For this option, please input the name and information of the person you are donating for on the first page of the form. The second page will allow you to input your own name and billing information. Cards will be sent as soon as possible after your donation is made.

Thank you again for your ongoing support!

In solidarity,

The Justice for Deepan Support Committee


Chers partisans,

Merci pour votre soutien continu ! Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que nous sommes à 2/3 du chemin qui nous mènera vers notre objectif : Acheter une Assurance-Médicale valable une année pour Deepan ! Il reste une semaine seulement et nous espérons que vous nous aideriez à atteindre notre objectif qui est 3000$. Si vous avez de la famille ou des amis qui pourraient envisager de faire des dons à la compagne, prière de leur envoyer ce lien :

Vous pouvez aussi nous aider en utilisant Facebook, Twitter et d'autres médias sociaux à diffuser les informations sur notre campagne et l'histoire de Deepan. Comme des centaines de milliers d'autres personnes vivant au Canada, Deepan s'est fait refusé une Assurance-Médicale, à cause de son statut d'immigration. Aidez nous à attirer l'attention sur cette injustice pour Deepan et de nombreuses autres personnes mis en situation précaire par les actions injustes du gouvernement fédéral Canadien.

Rappelez vous que pour chaque contribution de 25$ ou plus, Deepan va vous envoyer (ou à une personne de votre choix) un remerciement personnelle et une carte pour vous souhaiter de bonnes fêtes. Faire une donation au nom de quelqu'un d'autre est un cadeau très significatif pour ceux que vous aimez.

Pour cette option, on vous prie de mettre le nom et les coordonnées de la personne, au nom de laquelle vous faite le don, sur la première page de l'application. Dans la deuxième page vous pourrez saisir votre nom et les informations relatif à la facturation. Les cartes seront envoyées le plus tôt possible après que votre donation soit faite.

Merci encore pour votre soutien continu!

En Solidarité

Le comité Justice Pour Deepan
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français ci-dessous

Dear supporters,
A quick update on Deepan’s appeal and media coverage from last week.
Last week, Deepan appeared before the Ontario Health Care Appeal Board to contest OHIP’s decision to refuse Deepan Health Care. The hearing was short because the board deferred it to a constitutional group to better interpret elements of the Charter, prompting another hearing in February.
The following is a summary of the situation from Yavar Hameed, Deepan’s lawyer:
“Deepan is currently appealing the state’s refusal to grant him health care coverage. We know that the denial of coverage was triggered by OHIP’s conversation with Immigration Canada. The Minister has since day one in Deepan’s case had the authority to acknowledge Deepan as a Canadian citizen or to grant him such status. Knowing that Deepan cannot be deported from this country, his denial of health care simply adds insult to injury. In view of the Minister’s response to the recent Federal Court decision of July 4, 2014 on refugee health care and his unwillingness to abide by all aspects of the decision it appears that Deepan, like refugees to Canada, is being subjected to cruel and unusual treatment by virtue of an intentional effort by the Minister to deny him health care.”
On the day of the hearing, supporters rallied and picketed in Toronto and Kingston where the hearing was happening and we got some new media coverage on the health appeal, bringing much needed attention to the lack of access to health care in Canada for people without status or refugees. (see pictures of rallies on our website or facebook page)
Sample of media coverage: RADIO - 1310 News & 580 CFRA in Ottawa; TV – OMNI (Punjabi national coverage).

What we’d like from you is a bit of help to spread this crowdfunding campaign more widely by word of mouth, social media and other relevant networks. We’re almost halfway to our goal and we’ve got 20 days to go!
Thanks again for your ongoing support.

In solidarity,
Deepan Budlakoti and the Justice for Deepan Committee


Chers partisans,

Voici une mise à jour rapide sur l'appel qui s'est déroulé la semaine dernière et sa couverture médiatique.

La semaine dernière, Deepan a contesté la décision de la commission d'appel des soins de santé de l'Ontario, une décision qui lui refuse une Assurance-santé. L'audience été courte parce que le conseil à renvoyé l'affaire à un groupe constitutionnel pour mieux interpréter les éléments de la Charte et proposer une autre audience en Février.

Ce qui suit est un résumé de la situation de la part de Yavar Hameed l'avocat de Deepan :

« Deepan a fait un appel du refus à la couverture médicale par les services de la province qu'il a reçu. Nous savons que le refus de la couverture a été déclenché suite à la conversation qui a eu lieu entre l'Assurance-santé et Immigration-Canada. Le ministre avait l’autorité dés le début de soit reconnaître Deepan comme un citoyen canadien ou lui octroyer un tel statut précaire. Sachant que Deepan ne peut pas être expulsé de ce pays, se faire nier l'Assurance-santé ne peut être perçu que comme une insulte qui s'ajoute à l'injure dont le gouvernement fait preuve. Compte tenu de la réponse négative du Ministre à la récente Court Fédérale qui à lieu le 4 juillet 2014 à propos des soins de santé accordés pour les réfugiés, il paraît que Deepan, comme les réfugiés qui sont au Canada, est soumis à un traitement cruel et inhabituel en vertu d'un effort délibéré par le ministre de lui refuser des soins de santé ».

Le jour de l'audience, nos partisans se sont rassemblés à Toronto et Kingston, où l'audience a eu lieu et nous avons obtenu une nouvelle couverture médiatique sur l'appel, qui attire une attention nécessaire sur la difficulté d'accéder aux soins médicaux au Canada pour les personnes sans statut ou réfugié. (Vous pouvez regarder les photos des rassemblements sur notre site internet ou notre page Facebook).

Voilà un exemple de couverture médiatique : RADIO - 1310 News & 580 CFRA à Ottawa; TV – OMNI (Punjabi national coverage).

Ce que nous voulons de vous est un peu d'aide à faire circuler la campagne Crowdfunding de bouche à oreille, à travers les médias sociaux ou au sein d'autres réseaux que vous partagez. Nous sommes presque à mis chemin d'atteindre notre objectif et nous avons encore 20 jours devant nous!

Merci encore pour votre soutien continu

En solidarité

Deepan Budlakori et le Comité Justice pour Deepan
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$3,235 of $3,000 goal

Raised by 69 people in 53 months
Created November 15, 2014
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