Sadie's Surgery Fund

Hello and thank you for viewing this. My name is Seth Moffitt and I am a 28 year old living in the Los Angeles Area. Much like many of you, I love Corgis, and I was blessed to have the opportunity to rehome one on February 18th, 2017. Sadie, my new 4 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi was an absolute blessing from Day 1. I knew she made me happy, but I never could imagine how much joy she could possibly bring me and those around her. Anyone who walks by during her daily walks cannot help but smile. Everyone who has met her has always had a kind word to say. I couldn't imagine a more perfect dog for my life, and every day she exceeds my expectations.


Unfortunately, on May 30th, Sadie wasn't acting like herself. She became restless during the night, and was slow to get up and walk around. During her last walk of the night, she sat down, and never stood back up.  Unsure of what was going on, I made her as comfortable as I could for the night and went to sleep. Come morning, I could see Sadie was in an excruciating amount of pain and I immediately rushed her to the vet. An X-ray revealed two of her vertebrae that didn't look normal, so she was medicated to help with the pain. After being at the vet for 8 hours, she was sent home with the recommendation to see a specialist should she not show any improvement by the morning.  


We both slept soundly that night but come morning, Sadie was still unable to use her legs. I scheduled to take her to a specialist and was scheduled to come in later that day for a Neurologist to see what was going on. After a physical, it was advised that Sadie get an MRI to take a look at the disks in her spine. The results showed what any Corgi owner would fear, a herniated disk, commonly known as IVDD in the Canine world. Sadie’s spinal cord had become compressed to the point where the lower half of her body could no longer function. After careful consideration and discussion with her neurologist, we decided that surgery would be the best option for her to get her walking again.


Today, June 2nd 2016, Sadie has had a successful surgery and is expected to be able to return home this Sunday. I am excited to have my girl back and to see her happy and healthy. Even though I was able to come up with the amount to pay for her needed procedure, I have come into a considerable amount of debt in a short window of time. I have absolutely no hesitation, regret, or even a second thought about what I did, and I would do it all again if it meant making her well. I am prepared to take on the financial responsibility for the veterinarian bill in front of me, but I will humbly ask for help where I can.


I have appreciated the thoughts, prayers, and support that everyone has shown for Sadie and I during this tough week. I continue to ask for and appreciate that positivity that has followed us during this weeklong chain of events. For those able, if you can donate any amount to the Sadie Fund, her and I would greatly appreciate the gesture as we start her on the road to recovery. Any and all amounts to her surgery will help me be that much closer to putting this terrifying week behind us. If you are unable to donate, I completely understand, and I thank you for reading this far. If you can share our story, that will be an act of compassion I won’t overlook.


Thank you for your time and thoughts, I appreciate it immensely.
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Seth Justin Moffitt 
Los Angeles, CA