My name is Isabella, and this is Dante.

Or, that was, at 10 weeks old, this is Dante NOW:


Many of you have seen our Honduras Interview or the Local News Coverage KCEN 6 News & Local News Coverage Fox 44 of Dante my Service Dog, and myself and how we are trapped together, in Honduras.

We were supposed to have an amazing vacation (a first time visit for Dante and my boyfriend), a placement of a Service Dog I had trained for a disabled woman living in Honduras that I was also transporting here for free, and a relaxing 10 day trip that almost immediately turned into a 15days+ nightmare.

The CDC states I can come home any time, without him.

But that's not happening.

And if I attempt to enter the states with him, they will seize him and send him "back to his country of departure."

I graciously have been allowed to stay here with my dog training client, for a short time, but the ban is up to a YEAR that Dante (and myself) may be trapped here. (And legally I can only remain for 55 more days as a tourist)

I am lowering my pride, for my Dante and asking for help in our potential legal fees, his food to be shipped from the states along with my medicine and to purchase clothing.

When my boyfriend had to leave July of 18th, I had fully expected to be denied, and not allowed on the plane. HOWEVER. When I dropped him off, they were under the impression that I was going and they told me Dante was approved. (I have video of this, and am working on releasing it)

I told them they were wrong, that the CDC put a ban. They said that no, "the dog is approved". And they told me if I could get my COVID test and show negative and be back in 1 hour they would let me on the plane.
When I made this mad dash, majority of my clothes and all of my shoes except for a pair of sandals got repacked into my boyfriend's (checked) bag.

The whole time I tried to make myself hopeful, that we would pass, but deep down I knew they were mistaken. Nonetheless, I spent almost a third of my cash on a Rapid COVID Test requested by United Airlines personnel, fleeing around the island back and forth in the bed of a pick up (as seen in our KCEN TV interview).
We get back, tickets printed, Dante tired and a bit confused (but a trooper as always) and get through immigration then DSA. As we are about to step out of the airport to enter the tarmac, it happened. They asked for the CDC Permit (that I had already requested the 14th) and my heart sank. I tried to explain to her that we were told we could board, but as I was pointing out the personnel that originally told us... I knew it didn't matter.

After them talking back and forth, they came back with the same answer as before, "you can fly but the dog has to stay."

I began shaking my head no, and turned, hiding the fact that I was crying (pride thing) and knew I had to send my boyfriend home, not knowing if I was going to see him after the permit (6 weeks) or if we were to be denied (1 year).

I watched him board the plane, and fast forward to now, I'm trying to get us home.

I am an open book with this whole "adventure", (see: hellstorm) and I have no problem answering questions. (Unless you're asking what my disabilities are. Don't be a douche. I've been fairly forward with the public with my personal information, but this isn't about me.)

It's about Dante, and getting him home.

My Instagram is staying updated hourly:
As well as my Facebook.
Please help me #BringDanteHome

Below is the Facebook post I shared originally: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4491934734159814&id=100000299966485

I need help. Please.

I will try to keep as factual as possible for the sole purpose of getting help/our word out.

On July 9th, 2021 I left Texas, USA with my Service Dog, "Dante", not knowing it would potentially be impossible to come back home, with him.

(A friends' husband is trying to put pressure on the CDC, and United to try and fix something through all of this, but the next step is potentially an interview asking for help with Dante's food shipment or titer test.)

On JUNE 20th, 2021 I booked our flights for July 9-18th, 2021. Checking ALL requirements for international SD/animal travel & domestic travel (we had connecting flights stateside) and nothing was there.

I called United Airlines when booking our tickets, as there was a message that stated I had to call their disability line for assistance when I was trying to click the "task-trained service dog" box. Which I was unable to do. So I called, verifying their internal "paperwork" needed, and additional questions. (DOT form, promise he is trained/won't pee on plane etc.)

Several times I asked if anything else was needed. (Even though I have flown several times internationally & domestic with a SD, my Generalized Anxiety Disorder & Autism causes me to briefly panic and check then recheck information.)
The United Airlines representative stated nothing else. And that she had the dogs* checked on the flights.

*I was also taking a Service Dog(Maya) I had trained/planned to continuously train to a disabled woman in Honduras on this trip. It was supposed to be a heartwarming, uniting vacation that my boyfriend was also going to be experiencing with me; also his first time to Honduras.

We checked everything within our flights on United, seeing if they had any additional requirements. We read the "important notices pages" script that was sent directly from the email.

We did not find ANYTHING within those pages or via clicking other pages, and only had warnings from the CDC about COVID19.

July 8th, 2021 - I get the Health Certificate from vet and they go on the CDC website to confirm all needed informations for international dog travel.

They too, saw nothing.

We boarded our July 9th, 2021 7.05amCST flight from Austin to Houston, where the flight attendees had no clue about Dante, or Maya.

They also had us in completely separate rows, despite telling us on the phone and confirming within emails that we would be sat together.

This caused unnecessary irritation, and attention from other passengers directed towards myself and the dogs, causing my anxiety to rise.

Luckily they are able to fix the seats, and a woman graciously switched with another passenger allowing us to sit together. (Ma'am. If you ever read this, thank you SO much..)

9.45amCST - 7.9.21: We leave Houston, TX to Roatan, Honduras. This flights' seating ALSO had us separated, AND did NOT have the bulk seating we paid for, for Kris. (My seat was a courteous adjustment from the rep via phone. At least it was supposed to be..)

We board with new seats, fly, land, and get to our location.

Then: 7:29pmCST - 7.10.21: I received the email stating "Dogs from your departure country barred from entering U.S."

A day AFTER we had arrived. (I did not see this email until 2 days after)

*Cue panicking/mental breakdown*

(I reached out to several friends asking to call veterinarians before they closed but was unable to hear back from anyone in the states in time, before the 14th)

July 14th, 2021 - Ban goes into affect.

I find out that the CDC allegedly released this information JUNE 14TH, 2021 and NO ONE I have spoken to has heard of this.

If you go and look on their News Releases and Outbreak Information tabs(I've screen recorded and SS this for you) there are 0 articles! AND if you type in "Rabies or Rabied or Rabie" NO articles come up for this year!! 2019, and 2018 only!

July 14th, 2021 I send a full permit with all required photos.

I am disabled, with multiple conditions that cause me to be dependent on medications (and my dog) such as POTS, Hypoglycemia, Chronic Migraines, Endometriosis, Autism and others. I was supposed to begin a heart rate managing medication when i returned home that will prevent the rapid rise and fall of my heartrate that causes fainting, Migraines, excessive accelerated heartrates intolerance to heat and other symptoms.

I do not have enough medication to be here longer than 1 week-10 days if I ration past my flight departure date.

I can and will endure pain, but I will NOT leave Dante, as the CDC is suggesting.

I do not have food, heartworm or flea prevention past this month. Nor the (IMMEDIATE) funds to ship his food here via barge/cargo.

So why am I writing this post?:

I cannot enter the U.S.A. w/ Dante. (Maya is now home)

I will not leave my Service Dog. Dante is a multitask-trained Service Dog that meets and exceeds greatly the expectations of a SD outlined by the ADA.

•I have videos of tasks, mannerisms, behavior etc.

•He does not leave my side, and I do not allow him to be transported by others/without me.

•He has been UTD on all vaccinations since he was born up until day of departure, that I have provided the CDC with their "APPLICATION FOR A PERMIT TO IMPORT


•I am overly protective as well, and he is NOT allowed to interact with dogs I don't know extensively (their behaviors, vacc. Etc).

•We flew directly to the island, and have not been on the mainland.

•He is a medical necessity, not a pet, and not just "a companion." He is a dog that I rely on every day.

Even to this EXACT moment (and as seen in SS) the United Airlines' email "required testing and important information" says NOTHING about the Rabies ban.

Had I never bought internet, and checked my email they would have taken Dante and shipped him back to Honduras to their "animal control services".

There is SO much I'm not including that is relevant to my frustrations and fear, including the CDC changing wording, airline lacking some responsibility and congressmen secretaries just copy/pasting information I had already mentioned but asked for help.

I am NOT asking for a "freebie" nor "favor" in the sense of permission to come home with both of us.

I am asking for the GP to help me get the CDC to view my permit/request, or a chance to get returned, directly to quarantine with Dante to prove he is Rabies free AND I will pay a titer test as well.

I'm so mentally exhausted trying to figure this out, I may not respond immediately. I can get more photos of basically anything needed including vet records and health certificate etc..

24/7 phone # Form number is: FORM APPROVED OMB NO. 0920-0134 EXP DATE 03/31/2022



Thank you for your donation, and if you are unable to donate, PLEASE SHARE.

I'm not leaving him.







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Isabella Carruth
Temple, TX

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