Molly and Billy's Type 1 Diabetes Expenses

On January 18th, Molly, age 6, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, the incurable kind that requires giving insulin injections 4 times a day forever.
Her rapid deterioration and hospitalization was sudden and unexpected puting our jobs on hold for three days. 
Molly's mother, Hillary, had just switched to a new job that day but had to quit to care for Molly.
I currently work three jobs as a tech contractor, swim instructor and Uber driver to provide money for our bills. But now without Hillary's income we don't have enough money to pay for food and gas that are now top priorities to keep Molly regulated and to take her to her medical appointments.
We expect that Hillary will be out of the job for 6 weeks and we need money to get by until then and to cover the lost income from the hospital stay. Thank you so much for hearing our story!
We will keep you updated as updates come available.


  • Susan Figueroa
    • $40 
    • 5 yrs


William Almond
Bremerton, WA

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