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Zackery Altamirano is a freaking awesome human!

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Hi my name is Rachel I am starting this fundraiser for a total stranger actually. Why welllll apparently he is an awesome freaking human! He jumped into action when a man's truck and his dog in it were stolen! They got the dog and the truck back safe!!! This guy was a total stranger to the guy who's truck had been stolen! In the process his  own car was banged up.  I wanted to start this go fundame to help him fix his car. Zachery you are an awesome freaking human. You did the right thing trying to save that man's dog . You deserve to have your car fixed. ( The guy who had stolen the truck actually was seen around our family's home in Lubbock eyeing a family member and her car just a few days before. So this particularly hit home! ) below is attached the orginal post from Zachery.



"So, wanna hear a fun story on why you should never leave your car running with the keys in it? Good. So,


Last night, I got off work tired and ready to go home and play some good ol call of duty with the boys after I put my kidos to sleep. There’s nothing better than some snacks with gaming so I’m like, let’s just stop at the store and grab some chips. I stop at 34th and Memphis at 7/11 and pull up next to a grayish blue Dodge Ram 1500 that is running. I notice a sketchy homeless man in his late 20? Idk. He looked young but old. But the dude is acting weird and looking around. He grabs his stuff and proceeds to rush over to the truck, throws his stuff in, and burns off. Me trying to keep my drama free life, gets out of my car and heads into the store where a tall black man who is built like a line backer holds the door for me. I grab my hot fries and head to the register where I pay out. The gentleman that opened the door runs in and asks to borrow the store clerks phone and seems stressed. So naturally I put it together and ask,”hey man, was that your truck outside?” He tells me yes and I tell him some sketchy dude hopped in and hurried off. The man is now very obviously emotional and stressed and says that his dog was in the car and begins to call the cops. The cops tell him to wait there but I already know how this goes and by the time they find it, there will be no dog, no valuables and probably a totaled car. So I’m like,” yo, you tryin to go find your dog and truck or what”. He says, “hell yea”. So I’m like bet, let’s go! The chances of us finding his truck are slim and I know it but what the hell right? It’s worth a shot. He then tells me he left his phone in the car and I ask what kinda phone it is. It’s an IPhone! So I ask if he shares his location with anyone and he tells me yes! His girlfriend! Well shove a stick up my ass and call me a corn dog! We got all we need! He calls his girl and she begins to share his trucks location with us as we speed down the freeway in hopes that the man has not tossed the phone out. She tells us he’s down ave.K and 18th and now we see him! We follow him and I tell him to go ahead and call the cops so they know we found him. This big guy is like “naw fam, pull up on him”. I say, “ listen man, if I pull in front of this guy, you better beat this boys ass because I know he’s ganna ram me”. He tells me he has superb insurance and he’ll take care of it. So I pull up on this guy like I’m about to rob the robber and he sees us. The man which I later know as Devondric, hops out of my car and low and behold, the thief puts the big truck in drive. *sigh*…. I close my door and let that bad boy slam into me and cover my head. Devondric hops over the hood like Jason Bourne and gets the guy out of the truck and puts in work on this mans body and face. I’m standing there drinking my water. Cops are called and the man is arrested. Devondric checks on his dog and thankfully, the dog is fine. Sadly, my car may not get fixed since it was not technically Devondric a fault so my baby(who I just payed off) will have to sit like this unless any of you want to start s go fund me page for my good citizens act of kindness. I tell the cops I’m good to go and I hop in my car. A cop approaches my car and knocks on my window. “Hey man, here you go!” He hands me a junior police officer sticker. All in all, the dog was good, the line backer got his truck back, and I got my metal of honor. Long story long, don’t leave your car running if you can’t lock it from the outside with a fob or something!"



Organizer and beneficiary

Rachel Barker
Pearl, MS
Zachery Altamirano

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