Ymers life saving surgery

Ymer is a 2 year old Ragdoll cat. We bought him from a breeder across the country and when we got him at 14 weeks old he was very sick. He had Cat Herpes and was very sick for 5 months before we finally got him back on his feet.

After his sickness he was a terror to our family. He would bully our dog and bite everyone in the house. It was so bad that we almost thought we couldnt keep him, but we decided to work with him and encourage his good sides, and it worked.
Ymer is now a very determined and loving cat. He is no longer a bully or a terror, instead he has become very affectionate cat and he know what he wants and when he wants it. He loves to meow and talk to me, and he follows me from room to room so close that i trip on him when i turn around.

Two days ago he started puking, he also stopped eating and drinking and grooming himself. He also stopped following me around the house and he stopped meowing. All he did was puke and then sleep. He wouldnt even lift his head when i left to walk the dog.
I called the vet who told me to keep giving him water, so i have forcefully given him water but otherwise just let him sleep.
An entire day passed and no more puking. Ymer simply slept through everything, untill this morning when we woke up 5.30am when he puked so hard that he peed himself... We brought him to the vet and he have something blocking his intestant and he needs surgery... the vet told us that the surgery cost will be 4000 dollars if they have to do it at night and 2000 dollars if we can wait till tomorrow morning.

4000 dollars is our entire savings and economical security, and we dont know if Ymer will last till morning... 

We dont want Ymer to die yet, we have worked soo hard with him since kittenhood! We have overcome too much to get beaten by this. Any help is very appreciated!
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