We are reaching out to raise funds to help alleviate some of the stress from this beautiful family during this hard time. They have been so strong and are so humble and we just want to help in any way that we can. We know that in situations like this we all want to help and don't know how to, so we are asking anyone who is able to provide any financial support to please help. Donations of any size can help more than you know, even if its just a couple of dollars. All of the money will go towards funeral expenses. We thank you all for your love and support throughout this journey.  We would also like to share with you Aero's battle with CHD.

Aero Patrickanthony Cordova was born on February 19 2017 with congenital heart defects, and Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome. On February 27, at just 8 days old he went in for his first open heart surgery. After the surgery he coded two times and was on ecmo(heart and lung support) for 5 days after losing his pulse for 20 minutes.
Slowly but surely he got stronger. Over the next two months his personality blossomed. He was The sweetest, most gentle baby despite all he had been through and was still going through. We got to know him and experience his beautiful loving spirit, so joyful with such a love for life. His eyes held more love and happiness than we have ever seen. He acheived his weight and age requirements and was so strong and ready for his next open heart surgery, The Glen Procedure.

He went in for his next open heart surgery on June 23rd with all of the doctors, nurses, and surgeons having such a positive outlook on his recovery. The surgery went very well, however 4 days after surgery Aero lost his pulse again and had to be put back on ECMO for about a week and a half when ECMO started to create it's own set of complications. It was recommended by the surgeon that they perform the Glen Takedown which is another open heart surgery where they reverse the last surgery because his body wasn't taking to it.

In an emergency effort, on Friday July 7th they performed The Glen Takedown. The surgery went really well. Aero was off of ECMO and the outlook was really good. He was doing fine, breathing on his own and starting to open his eyes so they decided to extubate him(which is to remove the breathing tube). On Sunday morning within minutes of extubation, his stats suddenly dropped. After his hard battle with CHD he passed away Sunday morning, the 9th of July. 

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