Going to apologize ahead of time, this is lengthy, but detail is important. This situation is important and I desperately need everyone's help.

Let me tell you my story. Starts off with me developing postpartum depression when my newborn son was about 4 weeks old. Which was about the first of January. This was a new complication to me. I did not have post partum depression with my first two children. I sought help and was put on medication. That medication did not work for me. A couple weeks after being put on the medicine, I had a breakdown and held a razor to my wrist. I realized at that moment when I was thinking about pressing down that I needed more intensive help. I admitted myself into a mental hospital for 3 days. I was put on new medication and seemed to be getting a little bit better but my anxiety was getting worse. Flash forward about 3 weeks to February 21st. I received a phone call that my mother was rushed by squad to the hospital for numbness and chest pain. Having just lost my father 2 years prior I was terrified that I was going to lose her. Turns out she got really lucky and somehow her brain compensated for the hundred percent blockage in one of her carotid arteries. Before I knew this I drove down Thursday afternoon after a visit to my doctor's to change my anxiety medication yet again, unsure of whether this would be my last time to see her. I stopped and got her flowers, a card and food from a bbq restaurant. While I waited for the food, I had a single beer. I arrived to the hospital at about around 7:30 pm that same day. I greeted my mother, full of tubes and wires, unable to walk or use her right arm. I pleaded with her to not go. That I could not lose her. We were still unsure what the game plan would be. I laughed with her. Showed her the flowers that reminded me of a lilac bush that grew in my yard as a child. Fed her. She couldn't use her arm. I fed my mother. That really struck my heart. I had to hold back my tears to keep her feeling hopeful. When I left, I didn't want to. I was scared to. I left the hospital at about 10 pm to start the long  drive back home to Columbus, Ohio. I reached Lebanon, Ohio and decided it would be best to pull over and rest at about 12:30/1 am. Didn't realize I pulled over in front of a sign that said "No parking from here to corner". About 3 or 4 am there was a knock on my window. 'Twas the police. 

Now, in a normal, decent world an exchange between the officer and myself would have went something like this:
Cop:"Is everything alright ma'am?"
Me:"Yes. I'm just taking a nap from a long drive home, because, ya know, driving exhausted is like driving drunk"
Cop:"Well ma'am you are pulled over in front of a no parking sign. May I see your license and registration?" 
Me:"Yes sir, here ya go"
Cop:"Alrighty then, why don't you pull a couple spaces up so you aren't illegally parked? Then you can continue your nap until you are rested enough to finish the drive."
Me:"Thank you sir, I will move right away. Have a great evening"

I don't have to tell you that's not what happened.

I was asked why I was there. I told them I was on my way home from seeing my mother whom had just suffered a stroke and needed to rest. I was asked for my identification (not registration or insurance) and was told I smelled of alcohol. Half asleep, I admitted to having one beer 9 hours prior but also had an Italian sub at my last gas stop. So my breath was probably super funky. I hate that every single time I've been pulled over they suggest I've been drinking. Maybe because most people drink and most people are honest and worst of all people don't understand how incriminating it is to ever admit to drinking...... EVER! The day before. Last week. Doesn't matter. I am still trying to wake up as my identification is being checked. Another officer is shining a light through my passenger window looking around inside my car. Two or more (couldn't quite tell) officers come to my door and open it. My heart starts to race. The blood drains from my body and I feel a cold wash over me. All I could think is "I'm next." They tell me to exit my vehicle. I ask them why. They refuse to tell me and repeat the demand. I say I don't feel safe, I'm scared and know I will be giving up my right to my vehicle not being searched if I get out. They told me again to exit. I asked if I could call someone or record this and they said they had a dash cam doing the recording. (Those always seem to end up malfunctioning though, don't they?) I stared at them with a dry mouth and pounding heart wishing I could curl up and take my medicine. Within seconds I have atleast two full grown men ripping me from my vehicle as I cry and beg. Trying to tell them I did nothing wrong. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!?!" Sobbing. I start thinking of my mom, my life. How I was afraid for both. I feel pressure all over my body/back after I'm thrown to the ground. Felt like someone standing on the backs of my ankles. Knees in my back? Probably. Wrists twisted behind me, later bruised, and cuffed. My 2 month post-partum body feels broken. My back is screaming. I'm crying to the point of fighting back heaving. I can't talk with the snot running down my face as I'm placed in the back of the cruiser. I'm begging to be let go. Trying to tell them what I'm going through. Told them I have to take medication. Later on, finding out they used that against me too. I cry for the cuff to be loosened as my hand was going numb. After I sit there, unheard and able to try to breath and calm myself down, I'm berated for not obeying them and respecting their power. Not once was I told or asked to do field sobriety checks, blow into a breathalyzer, submit to urine or blood tests, or taken to jail. They essentially made me beg to be released. I was given a ticket for OVI, driving under suspension (I clearly have privileges) and for the parking sign. I also was released given the option for a hotel, or getting back in my car to sleep.........what?!

I went to court today. The 26th. I waited for my name and when it was called, I could barely hear anything over the pounding in my ears. My mouth went dry and I tried to hold back tears as I'm looked at with such disdain from the judge. After having panic attacks all weekend, going to the hospital for my injuries, feeling despair for my life in general and not sleeping......my "public defender" told me they would drop it all and lower the OVI to physical control and probation. Physical control is still a drinking offense. The only thing I was guilty of was the parking ticket if anything. I don't deserve any of it. I didn't deserve the treatment. NO ONE does! My condition has worsened and I just feel constantly sick to my stomach like I need to run from whatever may be behind me. I can't afford to properly defend myself. I can't afford to allow the "justice" system to abuse me. I have a family to look after. A life to try and mend. A mind to heal. I spoke with an attorney who is willing to stand behind me and is well known and respected. https://www.rittgers.com/ I need this. I need the confidence of someone standing up for me and saying "this is wrong". Please help Me! His retainer is $3,000 And then another  $3,000 if we go to trial. Which I am more than willing to do. Please help!!!!
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