Help Penny get the hips she needs

I want to raise money for my friend Kathleen's fur baby, Penny to get the hip replacement surgery and MPL surgery that she needs in order to live the life a normal dog would.
Penny suffers from very severe bilateral hip dysplasia, she has decreased coverage of both of her hips, due to lack of coverage she has bony projections forming along her hip socket, along with flattened femoral heads, this is very painful for dogs. 
In June 2016 Kathleen noticed Penny was not active anymore, all she cared about doing was sleeping.  X-rays were performed and Kathleen was sent to a consult for hip replacement surgery. Kathleen was told that Penny would not be walking by the time she was 8 years old without getting the surgery. Hearing how heartbroken Kathleen is I knew I needed to do something to help, knowing Kathleen won't make a GoFundMe on her own. Penny and Kathleen are seriously meant for each other and I can not picture Kathleen without Penny in her life. 

Kathleen and Penny first found each other in 2013 while Kathleen was working at a doggy daycare that would foster out dogs in order to help them find the perfect home. Penny was adopted and returned a few times by different families. Penny was then bitten by a brown recluse spider and with Penny's history, she apparently was not suitable for adoption and the extensive care of treating the poisonous spider bite was not worth it unless someone adopted her. That's when Kathleen stepped in, knowing that at 4 months of age Penny had so much more love to give. Penny ended up getting adopted by her hero who saved her life and they have been inseparable ever since.

Penny is only 4 years old and lives every day in pain and has become less and less active even though she loves to run and play more than any dog I know. When we take her around other dogs, she is always the first to initiate playing but is the first to have to lay down and rest shortly after playing.  She has the biggest heart and LITERALLY attacks you with kisses. Unfortunately, it seems like Penny gets the short end of the stick a lot because she has already been through so much. After surviving the deadly spider bite, she has undergone knee surgery in hopes of preventing the hip surgery she needs today but still lives with pain that is only getting worse.  Penny is on 3 different pain meds 3 times a day and although it helps it does not relieve her from all of her pain.

Penny is a fighter though. She goes to rehab at her mom's work. She is a trooper through all of her acupuncture and laser treatments. Kathleen is in school to become a vet technician and works full at a vet office in Arlington, VA; animals are her passion and she would do anything to help any animal, especially when it comes to her own. Penny and Kathleen have demonstrated that they are willing to do whatever it takes, they just need our help to be able to afford the surgery that will relieve Penny's pain.
The money raised from gofundme will go directly towards the hip surgery along with her postoperative care. Penny is the sweetest pup and I know how much she means to Kathleen. It breaks my heart to hear how much Kath worries about Penny and how much pain this sweet girl is in. I know she will be grateful for any amount of pennies we can all spare for Ms.Penny!!! 

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Hayley Bigelow 
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Raine Kathleen