William's Wheelchair is Sinking in the Mud

It really is no fun pushing a wheelchair through the mud or snow but so often the ground does not stay hard. A concrete pathway is required.

A very unkind virus called Enterovirus D-68 took hold of William's body in November 2016 just 2 weeks shy of his second birthday. After much medical intervention , William has been diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis.   William is now considered a quadriplegic.

He has been learning to manipulate a roller ball mouse with strength he is building in his left foot. This training is providing opportunities to learn how to operate a motorized wheelchair. 

His parents, grandparents, and other family members are still wrapping their heads around this seemingly unfairness in life but at the same time marveling at the child. William is very fortunate to have a strong mother but she needs the help of a concrete pathway from her entry door to the driveway where he either gets put into Laura's (Mom) van or the school bus.

The bus takes him to French Immersion classes where he will learn a second language because as his Mom says, "He'll rely so much on communication in his life..."

Recently Laura transcribed a story William told her and this is a brief excerpt.
"Once upon a time...Zeus was a regular human until he got shocked by a magical lightning bolt. Then he got to the clouds...standing on the clouds. So he meets a little shark in a little cloud ocean. The sharks name was Cloud Chomper. 
Zeus started looking for something for the shark to eat. All there was laying on the ground were lightning bolts. He brought a lightning bolt over to Cloud Chomper and Cloud Chomper ate the lightning bolt so he fed him lots more.
Then Cloud Chomper said to Zeus, "Let's be friends" and Zeus said "Yes, I have wanted a pet shark for thousands of years"

In the end, William introduces other characters in his story and after some transformations they all end up being friends.

William is a smart boy, funny and kind with a wonderful imagination who needs your help, so, back to the pathway.

We've had 2 companies offering quotes and they were quite close in numbers. This was before Covid overtook our lives. The prices we got will inevitably be higher once we are able to contract one of these companies.

In the meantime, can you help us reach our goal. When the snow arrives Laura will go out with a shovel while it's still dark outside and shovel the lawn attempting to help herself push the wheelchair. A concrete path would be much easier to clean off and assist in a grueling chore.

Your assistance is truly appreciated, thank you.
  • Stephanie Repar 
    • $250 
    • 16 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $75 
    • 16 mos
  • Krystina Lewicki 
    • $100 
    • 16 mos
  • Dana Slisarenko 
    • $90 
    • 16 mos
  • Ivan Moreno 
    • $50 
    • 16 mos
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