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Ramadan Appeal for the most needy

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Hello and Asalam alaikum,

I will be travelling with Humanity Worldwide, who are planning to distribute your Zakat and Sadaqah during the last 10 days of Ramadan. The aim is to provide food packs to families in need, including widows and orphans. For those living in difficult circumstances. Food is often a luxury and it is our responsibility to help alleviate any hardships faced by our fellow human beings.

In collaboration with Medics Worldwide, Humanity Worldwide will be distributing the following items:

£50 food packs that can feed a family for 3 weeks
£100 food packs that can feed a family for over a month
£50 dignity packs for women, which include sanitary and self-hygiene products, as well as cleaning products
£5 for one person's Sahur/Iftaar cooked meals
£15 for a family's Sahur/Iftaar cooked meals
This initiative is eligible for Zakaat, Sadaqah, Fidya, Kafarah, and Fitranah contributions. We kindly request your generous donations.

All our causes are Zakaat applicable

Be a part of this very worthwhile cause and do not miss out

Thank you for your generosity and may Allah multiply your good deeds by 70, this Ramadan.

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  • Ghalib Taimur
    • £15 
    • 1 yr
  • Ghalib Taimur
    • £30 
    • 1 yr
  • Saba Yahya
    • £5 
    • 1 yr
  • Anonyme
    • £10 
    • 1 yr
  • Anonyme
    • £100 
    • 1 yr
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Asia Ali
Shareen Nawaz

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