Whats Your Number Completion Funds

What’s Your Number is a short film that I wrote directed with my good friend James. I met James in my first few months in New York. I had just gotten started In the film industry as a PA, which can be one of the most grueling yet thankless job a person could ever do. As excited as I was to get going in my new career I was thirsty to be doing something more creative which I realized meant I had to go out there and do it myself.

After complaining to one of the other bar tenders I was working with at the local lobster spot in BK, he mentioned to me he had a friend, James, that was a writer and he was looking to write a story. He was tired of writing for monotonous online magazines.

James and I first meeting consisted of a few bottle of wine and discussing what kind of stories interested us. What are the stories we find funny, poignant, and relatable. Over the course of the next 3 years, we wrote What Your Number. It took 3 years because of our busy schedules, but we were committed to make it happen.

What’s Your Number focuses on the stereotypes that surround being a gay male in New York. Tired of being represented as flamboyant & outgoing gossip mongers, we wanted to create a character that was relatively unlikeable and represented some of the darker inner thoughts that even the flamboyant & outgoing gossip mongers have.

We finally had the opportunity to shoot our short film in May of 2017. Since then I have been able to put a really solid rough cut that I am excited to share. Problem is I need to pay for the post production work. I had opted not crowd fund for the money needed to shoot it as I wanted to really share that experience once I have something to convince people to give me their money :)

And that’s where you come in.... I am looking for funds from my close family and friends to help pay for my editor, final color correction, & final sound mix. In addition I want to be able to use some of these funds to submit What’s Your Number to several film festivals. The ultimate goal for What’s Your Number is to get the funds to make it either into a feature or use it as a means to get funds to make a feature film.

I honestly appreciate you giving what you can and can not wait to share the finished product with you all.


  • Connie Williams
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David Duque-Estrada
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