IT IS COLD! $15 to help.

It is cold.  REALLY COLD.  

The homeless we pass on the street do not have the benefit of hitting a button on their thermostat to make themselves warmer.

While I was punching up the button to warm our house I thought about the guy I just saw sleeping near the abandon Subway.  There must be a way I can help.

So today I brought over 6 sleeping bags to Loaves and Fishes Sacramento.  The response was both great and sad at the same time.  As I was taking the bags out of the car people started asking if they could have one.   Sleeping bags can make a difference.

So I got to thinking....

"WHAT IF" we could get together a pool of money say $1000 to $1500 and buy 100 sleeping bags to help 100 people within our community be warmer. 100 wamer people before 2016!!

Even at a retail price of $15 like the ones we bought at Big 5 this seems like a no brainer.  

So the big ask.  Please donate $15. I will do the rest.  My hope is that with better sourcing the donation of $15 can be  stretched to 1.5 sleeping bags or more. 

I don't want to go all Sales 101 on you, but that is 3 Starbucks mochas, 1 season of Homeland, or 2 drinks when you are out with a friend.  For most of us $15 is not a lot, but for some it can now be a warmer nights.

If you are seeing this that means you are someone I know, someone who is very blessed to not be outside at night in the cold.  

Let's do some good.  

Thanks in advance.



  • Linda Cordova
    • $50 
    • 6 yrs
  • Greg Hayes
    • $40 (Offline)
    • 8 yrs
  • Elizabeth Ryan
    • $50 (Offline)
    • 8 yrs
  • Adam, Julie, Elle, and Georgia Walton
    • $200 (Offline)
    • 8 yrs


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