Veteran Pilot dies in Plane Crash



Anyone who flew with or learned to fly from my Dad knows he was an exceptional pilot. His motto in flying and life was “Safety First”.  A friend of his has said,” He was a fearless man, but a very careful and cautious pilot”.  Unfortunately the Lord has called him home. Although it was a sudden, instant, tragic plane crash, at least he went to Heaven doing what he loved.

He is survived by his wife Louise Wallace (of almost 50 years), his only (fearless by default) daughter Marlo Waters; his brothers Bobby and Kendal Wallace, his sister Faye Despain, many extended family, and many friends.

My Dad fell in love with aviation when he was a small boy growing up on a farm watching the crop dusters, wondering what it looked like from up there. While my Dad was in the United States Army, after he completed Officer Candidate School, he went to Helicopter school. He was in the Second of the First Cavalry serving our country in Vietnam.

When I was just five my Dad bought his first Eipper weight shift ultralight and despite my Mother’s concern he strapped me in with him and took me on my first flight. I fell in love with soaring and flying that day. I have gratefully shared the passion for flying and aviation most all my life with my Dad. His passion for motocross grew on me as well. My Mom and I have so many great memories doing really cool and fun things all together over the years; three peas in a pod we were.

My Father loved my Mother with all of his heart.  She was his first and only true love.  He also loved the Lord and all of his puppy dogs.  He took good care of them all their life and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for them. He and my Mother raised me to be a strong independent women, but they have been there for me whenever I needed them most. In person or over the phone we have always told each other “I Love You”!

Bonnie Wallace, a.k.a. “Rebel”, my Dad, was One of A Kind! A very animated character who was talented and knowledgeable, loving and caring, brave and courageous, friendly and generous, ambitious and compassionate. He loved teaching and sharing his passion for flight. He was a damn good instructor too!  He loved music, making videos and shootin’ the bull with anyone and everyone. But those who knew him well, knew how stubborn he could also be.

He was very successful at what he did as a Certified Flight Instructor and Designated Pilot Examiner which helped him to take care of my Mother comfortably. He and my Mother have always been frugal and made sound investments…. But one!

Most of you have only seen my Dad in his flight suit or cargo pants, t-shirts and flight jacket. Well over 30 years ago my Dad wore a suit and tie everyday to work selling life insurance, and boy was he dapper.  We’ve had many a talks about life insurance over the years and even as recent as 3 weeks ago.  No matter what I would say I could never overcome his stubbornness on the matter. He felt it was a scam after having worked in the industry and refused to have a policy.  Rebel, being Rebel, said, “I’m probably going to outlive you and your mother, so don’t you worry about it”.

Welcome to this GoFundMe campaign where financial worry is now unfortunately overshadowing everything about his death.  

The financial aftermath is growing day by the day as there are many arising costs that my Mother is responsible for. We are currently waiting for the coroner to contact us, then we will we need to get up to Washington and get his plane, plane trailer, car, motorhome, and him and drive it all back down to their home in Henderson, NV. My parents still have a mortgage on their house and the motorhome and my Mom’s air conditioner just went out.  When it rains it pours!

Unfortunately we are still mourning the loss of my Father and can’t bear to discover any more financial burdens at this time.  My Mom is extremely stressed about what is to come. Not having his income provided with his Ultralight Dreamcatchers Business, she will be selling everything now.

My Father loved my Mother and took such good care of her all of their lives but her care and livelihood depended upon him being alive! This is going to be a long rough road for us. I reminded my Mom that she has a very resourceful daughter and that I will do everything in my power to help with all of this.  My Mother and I are both humble women who trust that God will always provide so it is not easy for us to ask for your help.

So many of you have reached out to us and asked what you could do to help.  If you feel it in your heart without causing any financial burden to you, would you please consider donating whatever you can.  Your gift will help to ease the financial burdens so we may be able to focus on other important details at this time. Also, please share this campaign on your social media.  My reach is only so far with family and my Dad’s friends and I can not yet get into his accounts.

We are so very touched and grateful to all of you who have reached out to us with your condolences and sharing in our sorrow. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts with our prayers for your peace and comfort as we know many of you are just as heart broken about Rebel’s death as we are. Please also lift Eric Sarchet and his family up in prayers. He was my Dad’s student who passed with him in the crash.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family in this difficult time of grief we’re all sharing. Please pray for them.

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We believe the cause of this accident was due to a wind shear but are waiting further information as the investigation of the crash is still underway.  The following link from the FAA will help you to better understand what a wind shear is and it’s effects with aviation.

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