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DrumsForCures  produces DRUMSTRONG  events globally, raising awareness and funds in support of cancer survivorship, education, prevention and research :: through uplifting, facilitated, interactive Rhythm experiences.

It's hard to hear that "you have cancer". May be one of the hardest things imaginable to hear that your child has cancer.

In 2004 our 15 year old son Mason was diagnosed with osteosarcoma; an aggressive bone cancer in his leg.
Toby love

Throughout this crazy roller-coaster ride of wayward cells and the ensuing life-changing dynamics, we as a family decided to do something positive that would help make this ominous environment better or at least easier to deal with for the next family, and that included all in a totally participatory fashion.

Rhythm touches everybody : we breathe : we blink : we’ve all got a heartbeat ... DrumsForCures 501c3 was created as a natural expression of our family's desire to be a vibrant part of beating cancer. Since rhythm is universal we decided that events centered around the art and fun of hands-on drumming would be a great way to bring people together.

At our DRUMSTRONG interactive rhythm experiences, all ages and stages of health participate in supporting individuals and community simply by sharing their pulse.  

Debilitating diseases may preclude one from participating in the more athletic activities organized to support their cause(s). We bang on stuff .. we Drum! We create a joyful noise and share a groove that truly makes a sound impact on our communities. 

DRUMSTRONG at Duke Hospital

We drum in honor of, or in memory of someone, for our own fortification and just for the fun of it. We raise funds for important cancer initiatives globally.

Our main  DRUMSTRONG event is always the 3rd weekend in May and needs sponsorship funding.  As it's free to all, funding helps pay for logistic expenses first, and then the balance of participants' per hour drumming pledges will benefit local charities. We are an all-volunteer non-profit (no salaries) so after expenses, money goes to help the causes we support.

It's simply awesome placing as much money raised by our drummers as possible in support of our community outreach. Your donation helps  offset expenses of the event (and then some!).

DRUMSTRONG at Levine Childrens' Hospital

We have ongoing financial needs to bring our uplifting rhythm to hospitals, clinics, camps, schools, religious institutions, etc.
We find that when we drum with the children, families and staff, a moment of distraction from concerns is created, and we know that this is where healing takes root.

Please be a sponsor and share your heart(Beat). The power is in your hands...


Mason at the Main Event

Mason is now a Board Certified Music Therapist and knows first hand the healing values of music. He lives with an internal prosthesis that limits activity but not his enthusiasm for life.


  • Simon Faulkner
    • $225 
    • 2 yrs
  • Cynthia Welch
    • $50 
    • 2 yrs
  • Ed Sorrentino
    • $25 
    • 3 yrs
  • Jeni Swerdlow
    • $25 
    • 3 yrs
  • Sandra Gruber
    • $20 
    • 3 yrs


Scott Swimmer
Charlotte, NC
Drumsforcures Inc

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