Album for my Stand-up Comedy Show!

Short Description:
This campaign will let me make and sell physical copies of my first stand-up comedy show's recording and will let me to say a small business for another year! It's a good show, and it deserves to be sold! Donate at least $20 and you can have a copy on CD or MP3-USB!  After production, the USBs will cost more, so donate before Christmas!

Listen to a clip of the album here:

Listen to me narrate the short and long version of the campaign description!

Long Description (way funnier than the short description):

My name is Jon Sue-Ho. People call me Jon Sue-Ho.

My whole life has been about helping people be happier and more inspired. It's also been about trying to be as ridiculous as possible while doing so.

For example, in 2014, I started giving some of my more discouraged co-workers pep talks... in a Scottish Accent. "You can do it! I believe in you!"  Later that year, I launched, featuring recordings of those inspirational and hilarious messages - in a Scottish Accent - such as "You're good enough, you're smart enough, and dog-gone-it, I'm Batman!" The goal remained to make the world a better place and be utterly ludicrous in the process.

I also recorded a Comedy Holiday Album, "Scottish Pep Talks presents Christmas from the Public Domain" featuring such songs as "Jingle Kilts" or "Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel" as if it were sung by William Wallace (I understand the irony).

I also decided to start doing charity walks for suicide prevention... while wearing a kilt... as part of my "Scottish Pep Walks" initiative.

All this led me to accidentally starting a small business.  I consulted with accountants about this, who said that everything I was doing could be considered legitimate small business deductions, to which I replied, "Really?" They assured me it was so but said that to keep small business status, I would need to turn a profit three out of the first five years.  And while selling 17 minute long Scottish Christmas albums did make me proud, it did not make me profitable.

My operating expenses add up to quite a bit each year and include normal things like web hosting, domain registration, and grossly underpaid graphic designers to more unconventional things like the plush scottie dogs that I tried to sell at the Payson Utah Scottish festival and the fee I had to pay for not having a permit to sell plush scottie dogs at the Payson Utah Scottish festival.

After two years in the red, I decided that to stay a small business, more for moral purposes than financial ones, I would need to do something more drastic.

So, in 2016, in order to raise some money, I my produced my first full length live stand-up comedy show, Unbearably Funny. This meant writing over an hour's worth of original comedy routines (about things like giving blood or getting my Massachusetts firearm certification), booking unique venues at strange times and locations (like when the show was immediately preceded and followed by tap dancing classes), and making merchandise to sell (like t-shirts with my face on a bear, or teddy bears wearing t-shirts with my face on a bear (BEAR-ception!)). After hundreds of hours of work, I was able to pay about$10 in taxes and remain a small business for another year. Financially speaking, there were probably more efficient uses of my time, but from the standpoint of awesomeness, I can't think of anything better.

After that, I had planned on doing more performances of both Unbearably Funny and a new show I've been working on to sustain the dream of being a real boy in the eyes of the IRS.

Unfortunately, due to a number of difficult personal challenges the past few months, I have not been able to do any more shows to bring in revenue in 2017.

BUT I do have something valuable that I can still offer the world this year: a recording of my show.  And with your help and donations, I can afford to produce CDs and MP3-USB sticks to sell to bring my high quality brand of funny to even more people.

You can listen to one of my favorite routines from the show, the Treatise on Bears, here 

I think you'll agree, it's pretty awesome.

If I get my funding by the end of the year, the CDs should be ready sometime the first quarter of 2018. Anyone who donates at least $20 can have a copy on CD or MP3-USB the next time I see them (after they're made of course).  After they're made, the USBs will cost more than the CDs, so now is the time!  If you're a stranger or someone else I don't see regularly, please contact me to figure out how to get it to you.

The best part of this is that by getting the album produced, I'll have something to sell in the future to keep this dream alive. As is summed up in this Scottish Pep Talk:
"Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Give a man a fishing rod, you feed him for a lifetime. Of course, that lifetime might not last very long if he gets eaten by a bear, but that won't happen so long as the bear is also eating fish. So, please, save a man's life and buy a bear a fishing rod."

This album is my fishing rod. And with your help, I won't get eaten by bears.

Spiffily yours

Jon Sue-Ho


Jonathan Sue-Ho
Cambridge, MA

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