Ultra Care for Cancer Caregivers

Don't Forget Cancer Caregivers

I am a cancer caregiver and an ultrarunner.  My years of ultrarunning, and my experience as a cancer caregiver to my husband, inspired me to create Ultra Care for Cancer Caregivers.

The  money raised  will provide help  to cancer caregivers in need of financial assistance, self-care, and respite.

The money raised through this fundraising campaign will help to ease the burden of being a caregiver after a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer caregiving is overwhelming and isolating. It’s a lonely experience. Trying to always stay positive about an uncertain future is emotionally draining and exhausting.

I don’t want cancer caregivers to be forgotten. They are essential to the care and patient advocacy on behalf of their love one. Cancer caregivers need self-care, therapeutic care, and help with paying for basic incidentals that add up. 

Because their lives are changed when they become caregivers, they forget to take care of themselves and because of the high cost of cancer treatment, they can no longer afford to do the things that can provide them with respite during their journey as caregivers.

Running for Cancer Caregivers

Running has always been healing and respite for me. Running helped me to cope with my husband's stage 4 diagnosis and to decompress from the overwhelming stress of caregiving.

On June 1, 2020 I started my second virtual ultra and logged 10 miles to raise money for cancer caregivers. I am running the Tip to Tip - The Great Florida Traverse 128 miler.  I have until August 31 to log the miles.  Only 118 miles to go!

At the start of the Tip to Tip - The Great Florida Traverse - ready to run miles for cancer caregivers.

On Mother’s Day weekend (May 9-10, 2020), I ran an ultra (an endurance run longer than a marathon) for cancer caregivers.  I ran it, and towards the end, walked fast during this 24 hour virtual ultra - the Dawn to Dusk to Dawn 50K+ Solo Challenge - in my neighborhood.

My husband, who is in remission, paced for 8 miles after mile 50 in high winds and the very cold night air. He also cooked and fed me.

Running in 18 mph winds. Flying high at mile 20 while charging my FitBit on a portable charger.

It's 1 am Sunday morning, Mother's Day. Jon joins me.

After logging 100K (62.2 miles), I'm tired & sleep-deprived. I'm cold. I take a nap.

After my nap, I went back out with an hour left on the clock Mother's Day morning, and logged a total 63.9 miles, the last 14 in my Birkenstocks. I ran these miles in the coldest May 9 recorded in my area. Who knew! But I know we need to work hard to achieve what we want for the benefits of others. I dedicated this ultra to cancer caregivers.

Help to Fund Financial Assistance, Self-Care, Therapeutic Care, and Respite

This fund will help pay for an evening of unwinding at a paint night, a night of bowling, a massage,  yoga classes, indoor rock climbing, or a registration to a running event.  Talking to someone who's a good listener helps. The fund will provide the  opportunity to talk to a counselor or therapist. These are some examples of self-care and therapeutic care that can provide much needed respite.

The fund will also help fund costs not covered by insurance  while accompanying their loved one to chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. These include tolls, public transportation, rideshare services, hospital parking fees, and the cost of breakfast, lunch, and dinner while at the hospital or treatment center. The fund will help with doctor visits not covered by insurance, such as a $50 deductible. 

Children are also affected by the cost of cancer care when a family member is diagnosed. They also need respite. My fund will also provide grants for the financial expenses that come with recreational sports registration fees, camp registration, youth programs, music lessons, and other physical and social activities.

Thank you for not Forgetting Cancer Caregivers and Supporting My Fundraising Ultramarathon

Your support means so much to me. 

Thank you so much for supporting Ultra Care for Cancer Caregivers.
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