hi! hello!
my name's ken. how are you, today? good, i hope!
as for me, i've been better, and hope to be, again.

tl;dr? - in the past two years i've had a bunch of health problems which have limited my ability to work, which limits my ability to do things like pay rent, the electric bill, etc. so, i essentially need some monetary help.

i'm just a normal, occasionally funny, sometimes smart, mainly law abiding, human being.
('dis me, probably pain-free)

generally living a quiet, simple, little life. what's that mean? i get books & movies from the library, i don't have cable/internet, i like to take public transportation.
i'm kind to old folk, babies, and most people in between.
never been arrested, never even been fired from a job (have been "written up" up a few times, though).
my friends & family like me most of the time, at least as much as i like them...most of the time.

everything i have of value is merely functional, or sentimental (sometimes both), but not worth much money.

i got sick 3 years ago, something i thought would "pass" quickly -- a few kidney stones, is all.
but, almost instantly, 3 became 6. then 20. then 40. then 60. and i stopped counting. and they just keep coming.
they're painful. like, ridiculously painful. like, unless you've had one, more than you can imagine painful.
(yup, so painful you take off your glasses & wince!)

but, unless there's an infection, they're not life-threatening or anything.
other stuff starting happening.

i started having problems with my hands, my feet, my hormones, my balance.
(my liver, heart, and lungs seem ok, though! along with my tummy, most days...)

a tumor was found, in my head, and that terrified me.
(that time i made it to the ivy league...)

it was removed 6 months ago. but, on follow-up, there seems to be some that remained. i'll know about what's going to happen with that later this week.
(best neurosurgeon, evar!)

my life has become one of doctor visit, blood work, lab tests, MRIs, etc

people have said to me, humorously, i thought...
"it all goes downhill when you hit 50!"
i thought at 49, when i hit 50 i'd be in the best health of my life! 50 is the new 30, and all.
but then, i had my first surgery at 50. a trapped nerve had numbed part of my right arm for months.
i had not planned for my 50s to go this way.
i STILL plan for the remainder of my 50s to be excellent.
they're not right now.

so, i need some help. to keep the lights on, and a roof over my head.

any help you can provide, even if it's simply sharing this post around, is greatly, profoundly, appreciated.

thank you so much
take good care
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    • 61 mos
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    • 64 mos
  • Linda F 
    • $50 
    • 64 mos
  • Marc. H. 
    • $500 
    • 64 mos
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    • $100 
    • 64 mos
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Ken Rose 
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