Trevor's Campaign Remission

Meet my son, Trevor. He might look like your average young man whom a mother is proud of; however, Trevor is not like most young men.  Trevor has been battling Crohn’s since the age of 14.  At his initial diagnosis, his body was so frail he was hospitalized for 10 days resulting in being home-schooled his entire 8th grade year, while sporting a feeding tube. Crohn’s is an auto immune disease causing inflammation of the digestive track leading to pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, malabsorption and malnutrition.  It can attack anywhere from the esophagus to the colon.  Crohn’s can be painful, debilitating and can lead to life-threatening complications.  There is no cure for Crohn’s.  With Crohn’s in Long-term Remission, many people lead normal functioning lives. Trevor was a member of one of the top Rutherford County High School Bands, as well as Jazz Band; all the while NEVER letting Crohn’s defeat him.  During this time, Ulcerative Colitis and IBD joined in the battle.  Remicade was a godsend until his body built up antibodies against the drug.  Humira was the next chosen treatment but was unsuccessful.  A thorough diagnosis, via extensive testing, is needed to find the right treatment to put Crohn’s back in remission.  Trevor has been out of remission for well over a year. Unfortunately, the co-pays for these tests are very high.  It is very hard on me, as well as his close friends, to see him suffer silently.  Without warning, Trevor's father left approximately two years ago, causing Trevor to lose medical coverage for a while.  Trevor worked full-time helping support his family but lost his job due to Crohn’s flaring up and making him weak. Trevor enjoys gaming and wants to work in the gaming industry.  Trevor wants to attend the Vancouver film school.  Trevor lost a “one-time anniversary” scholarship of $15,000.00 and had to give up his reserved seat at Vancouver film school because of the chronic Crohn’s flare.  The Vancouver film school offers a degree (at one-third the cost in America) that is earned within one year’s time with a 100% employment rating being hired by the most top elite gaming and film companies.  This type of job would be “Crohn’s friendly” versus a manufacturer job. At this time, we need at least $5000 to cover the tests, medications special diets and treatments. We are looking into appealing to drug manufacturers for samples or discounted medications. Each day without the proper treatment, Crohn’s continues to battle inside Trevor’s body making him weaker, losing his appetite and left with no energy to live life as a man of his age should.  Trevor is a very humble, respectful and honorable young man who deserves to succeed in life. Please, help us to raise funds for Trevor's tests and find the right treatment to put Crohn’s in remission so Trevor can live the dream most of us take for granted daily.
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