Translating Hope 4 Mental Health into Spanish

Help us offer HOPE for Mental Health to the Spanish speaking world!

Fresh Hope  is an international network of Christian support groups for those who have a mental health diagnosis and for their loved ones. At the core of Fresh Hope is the belief that it is possible to live well in spite of having a mental health challenge; that no matter how one feels, it is possible to still have hope and live a good life.

The need for all of the Fresh Hope materials to be translated into Spanish is a necessary next step. We are asking for your financial contribution to help us make this happen!

We've already started making great progress:

·     Blogs are being translated every week and are being posted on the Spanish Facebook page.
·     The Fresh Hope online group in Spanish has reached more new people; including people from Colombia, Spanish speakers in the U.S., El Salvador, and Brazil.
·     Subtitles in Spanish have been added to 3 of our Bootcamp Videos.
·     Sixteen of the Topic Cards have been translated into Spanish and each week more and more are being translated.
·     The official Fresh Hope brochure has been translated and is soon to be printed and sent out to several contacts.

.......But there is so much more to be done!

Join us in making a difference? Each week, Fresh Hope for Mental Health reaches 1,794 people through our support groups that meet throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, and South Africa.  Annually, we provide 93,000 supportive hope-filled contacts. Our Fresh Hope podcast  reaches a worldwide audience of over 50,000 listeners, including people in all 50 states and from 25 countries.Pastor Brad's blog  has already reached a global audience and has 12,000 followers. The blog has readers from the Czech Republic, Kenya, the Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, and the United States.

Thank you so much in advance for your contribution to this cause!


Brad Hoefs
Omaha, NE
Fresh Hope For Mental Health (Fresh Hope, Inc; Fresh Hope)
Non-profit registrata
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