Odin's TiMband Treatment

* Update *

After we smashed our original target, we have decided to keep fund raising. We was told that Odin may need a second helmet if he doesn't get closer to the orange by time we almost finish our treatment plan.

If we do make it out of the red, all additional funds will be kept in a friends account with technology in motion to help other families get their target with our clinic (Derby).

If anyone would like to continue to help us on our fundraising journey you can do so either via gofundme or direct bank transfer!

Today Odin had his consultation at TiM, when your pregnant and attending midwives appointments or your little precious child is born and are having regular visits from the health visitors none of these professional people will tell you about plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly and ways of preventing it until it's too late, by which point regular visits to a Dr to be told it's cosmetic and will be grown out of. Plenty of evidence has shown this isn't always the case, so we have taken it upon ourselves to seek advice on treatment available which is how we ended up at TiM (Technology in Motion). Odin favoured sleeping on his left side of his head from birth and gradually over time and by around 8 weeks we noticed his head had become really flat on one side. This in turn caused him to develop severe Brachycephaly and plagiocephaly- a head deformity.  He has a 14mm asymmetry of his head, a bulging forehead, widening of the head and misalignment of the ears. He has a cranial index of 106% the normal index is 78%. The treatment he needs isn't available on the NHS as they class it as purely cosmetic but without treatment this can cause a number of issues for him including; - Stigmatism  - Development delays  - Fine motor skills delays - Jaw misalignment  - Speech delays  - Unable to wear glasses because his ears don't match up - Unable to wear helmets for leisure activities like cycling, horse riding And even limiting what professions he could go into that require a helmet to be worn when he's older - police force, military, labourer and many more. Bullying could also be an issue when he gets older and we all know how cruel kids can be. So as Odin's parents we have two options. 1. We leave it to adjust itself over the next 18 months with a higher chance of it still measuring in severe and it being too late for treatment or 2. We go for treatment to adjust his head with the help from a helmet which will take around 12 weeks, he will have to wear this helmet for 23 hours of the day for a full 12 weeks, this will get us into the region of moderate, we would then have the chance to do helmet to and get into mild. So as you can imagine this decision hasn't come lightly. The treatment costs £2025 private. So far his dad and I have raised £300 towards his treatment and an incredible lady has raised further funds through a fundraiser and raised a further £300   This we will use as his deposit to secure that he can have treatment and will be fitted with his TiMband helmet in approximately 2 weeks time. We now need to raise a further £1600 (includes gofundme fees) to make this happen for him and have turned to crowdfunding to help us meet our target.  I would really appreciate any help we can get towards our goal and it would be greatfully received.  Every donation & share will help us on this journey no matter how small.

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