The Walk of Hearts

The Walk of Hearts is a journey of hope intended to show kids that they are never alone as they fight to overcome childhood obesity by living a healthier life.

The biggest problems children struggling with obesity face are feeling that they are alone, and the lack of
proper guidance on how to lose weight. The people encouraging obese children to lose weight tend to offer instruction instead of properly demonstrating how to lose weight. We need to do more than just jogging in place, or doing jumping jacks along side the kids. It’s
very likely that in their young minds, these simple movements are easier for those who are fit and in shape, causing a disconnect between the kids needing help and those trying to help them.

To tackle this problem my brother and I  are going to walk 1,300 miles (including stops) from Florida to the White House with the hope of having First Lady, Michelle Obama walk the last mile with us. This heartfelt endeavor is to show kids that there are people who are willing to go to the extremes in order to help them
overcome childhood obesity. During this walk, we plan to meet and invite several kids and organizations to participate in "The Mile of Hearts". During this event the kids will walk a mile withusto motivate and encourage them to get out and exercise. The intent is to show kids that exercising can actually be fun while, at the same time, experiencinga great sense of accomplishment. Losing weight doesn't always have to feel like tedious work with rigid instructions.

The goal is to give kids a sense of empowerment and control in their weight loss journeys, so that they may know that, through their own abilities and commitments they can make these healthy lifestyle changes for themselves. This will give them the necessary
tools needed to build a happy, and healthy future.


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