The House of Horrors Survivors

On 9th October, our volunteer who feeds the stray dogs in Turkey, rescues and runs our trusted boarding facility, shared a Turkish news article with us. The article described how a 'house of horrors' had been discovered by activists who videoed over a garden fence, after neighbours reported hearing sounds of puppies crying. What they found was horrifying. 

Local authorities discovered two men living at the address, who had been torturing and killing puppies that they had adopted, and caught from the streets. They had posed as animal lovers and adopted banned breeds, offered to help puppies that had already been rescued, then tortured and killed them. There were dogs and puppies found starved to death, hanging from trees in the back garden, and at the bottom of the cliff they lived on, which they had thrown off.

The authorities took the 14 surviving puppies found in the house to the municipality animal shelter. These are public government shelters where the dogs are not properly cared for, they suffer with parvovirus and canine distemper virus, are not fed or watered and are regularly dumped back on the streets. Their chances of surviving in this shelter were as bad as in the house they came from.

A brave activist followed them to the shelter to get them out, and their story has been shared amongst activists and rescuers on social media. These innocent souls urgently need help, funds are needed to get them vet checked, safe in boarding and forever homes found for them. Angels for Animals Foundation have committed to taking 5 of these lucky pups, and find them their happy ever afters.

As a new charity with limited funds, money is tight, and we are already committed to many rescue dogs, and approached every day with requests to take more. When we saw those faces, how could we say no? We are asking for urgent help with funding these pups veterinary care, boarding fees and vaccinations until they are old enough to be neutered and travel to the UK to be homed.

We have named our lucky five Pudding, Muffin, Snow, Cookie and Lucky (rather aptly named as he was found hanging from a tree). We believe Cookie is part Daschund, and Lucky is a Labrador mix.

Any donations are immensely appreciated, thank you!






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