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The Fight Fascism Project

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In early 2017, I ordered a batch of FIGHT FASCISM stickers from a print shop and offered to send some to anyone who wanted any, free of charge. Hundreds of people requested them the first day, then thousands  more, and by mid-2018 I had sent out nearly twenty thousand stickers to people in all fifty states and almost two dozen foreign countries.

And now I'm starting it up again. Anyone who wants stickers can have a handful for free, for as long as I can manage it. If you want more than a handful, or you want to help the project keep going, kick in a few bucks and I'll keep sending them out. (Donating at a rate of at least 50 cents per sticker should be enough to make this sustainable, depending on what percentage of people chip in, but less than that is absolutely fine too.)

The money received will go first toward buying and giving out more stickers to meet ongoing demand, and then to buying beers for the friends who help me stuff envelopes and underwriting whatever projects I come up with next.

Oh, and if you'd like to request stickers, click here .

Thanks for your support!


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Angus Johnston
New York, NY

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