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Black Legacy Tour—Stop The War Against Haiti

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It's Now or Never! Let's stop looking away while our sisters and brothers in Haiti suffer immensely each day. The United States, United Nation, CARICOM, Kenya, and African Union are all ignoring the needs of the Haitians to advance their own agendas. I stand with Haitians and justice! How about you? We need more than text support and lip service on YouTube. Very serious matters are at stake. All hands on deck! We can do something strategic about it. Continue on to read....

Please Pitch in your support so that we can lobby, effectively, in DC on Capital Hill to change the policies that has crippled Haiti’s economy, social stability, and most importantly-it’s sovereignty. Majority country cannot feed itself thanks mainly due to Bill Clinton’s 1996 Farmbill.

General Toussaint Louverture successfully fought for Haiti Independence with his dedicated army of enslaved Africans on the island—Haiti is no longer completely independent and obviously in dire need of better days.

Read more about our vision and past actions towards the mission of FREEING HAITI to choose its own government and president. I’m King Kevin Dorival, Human Rights Warrior, 4x Author, and Founder of this movement.

America’s & France's 1,000 Year World War Against Haiti: The Assassination of a Nation. **Pre-Orders Available** Relase Date: May 20, 2024

Did you know that over 2 million children live in the streets/homeless in Haiti? And that over 200,000 are out of school or even know what a classroom looks like.
Haiti has an estimated 1.2/1.6 million orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). About 7,000 children roam the streets of Port-au-Prince. Thousands more can be found across the island in cities such as Cap Haitien and Gonaives. As a parent, myself, this made me shed tears and it broke my heart.

We are going to "March On Washington" in 2024 to change the policies creating this nightmare for Haitian children, parents, and the majority of the country.

It is our right under the First Amendment “to petition the government" peacefully at Capital Hill in DC—that's exactly what we're going to do.

Why are we asking for your support?
We are not claiming to have all the answers, but we do know for certain these two components are ENEMIES of HAITI'S ADVANCEMENT FOR THE FUTURE.

The Mission:

We are going DIRECTLY after changing 2 Foreign Trade policies.
1. 1996 Farm Bill - Single handly crippled 80% of Haiti's farming industry. Impoverishing the country (No Thanks to Bill & Hillary Clinton). Up for renewal in Congress 2023.

2. US Trade Policies, i.e. Reverse the reduction of the 3% tariffs back to 35% tariffs on imported goods into Haiti. This money is used for social

Did you know that over 80% of Haiti consists of farmers?
Former President Bill Clinton passed the 1996 Farm Bill so that he could subsidize/support his hometown rice farmers in Arkansas, American Rice Co.—this ill-advised and rapacious bill, literally crippled the small island's economy, undercut the Haitian rice farmers, and impoverished 80% of the population, til this very day? All he did was say, "I'm Sorry." No reparations, no actionable apology, no foreseeable justice.

Did you know that France forced Haiti to pay $150 million gold francs/reduced to 90 million (estimated $ $30 billion in 2023) for fighting and winning its freedom from Slavery?
From 1825 to 1977 and over about seventy years, Haiti paid 560 million francs to France. Over the 122 years between 1825 and 1947, the debt severely hampered Haitian economic development as payments of interest and down payments totaled a significant share of Haitian GDP, constraining the use of domestic financial funds for infrastructure and public services.

Did you know that Haiti was and still is a slave colony of the United States?
Since the days of former US Presidents Wildrow Wilson and FDR (US Invasion, Enslavement, and Occupation from 1915-1934)?

We can go on and on with mindblowing facts about Haiti, and why certain parts of the Caribean Island have reached a level of underdevelopment and depravity that is unbearable to watch, or even imagine. I'm saving that for you in my book, America's & France's 1,000-Year World War Against Haiti (Ayiti): The Assassination of a Nation." We are demanding humane policy changes toward Haitians in Haiti and the United States. It's not over for Haiti, for we will continue to fight as our ancestors did in 1790. Despite what we see on TV and our mobile devices, it's not over for Haiti. The Black Legacy Tour—Chicago was the first stop of several cities last year. Atlanta is the next destination on Juneteenth, Saturday, June 17th, 2023 at 1 pm. The topic of discussion: "Stop The Ongoing War Against Haiti: America's and France's Economic Collusion, Modern Day Slavery from the year 1650 to the year 3000. The Black Legacy Tour will require your support. Help us, help Haiti's future.

I am, King Kevin Dorival (author, human rights activist, and mentor), who has traveled to several cities around the US pushing information on the illegal policies that have been pushed on my family's country. We've set up dozens of meetings with influential policymakers (foreign trade) in Congress and corporate America to gain support for our humanitarian mission. The "1996 Farm Bill" aka Federal. Agriculture. Improvement and Reform Act of 1996, pushed by former president Bill Clinton to make him and his associates filthy rich and left Haitians in dire conditions. This single bill has crippled Haiti's ability to farm its rice in a country with 80% farmers—this is beyond devastating. Your support or investment is critical in my mission to do my part for the future and Haiti's children. Look at my track record, my history of success in getting things done, and my passion for our people.

We accept all moral support. However, your financial contributions will help push us forward to reduce our burden of paying 100% of all lobbying costs, high-profile meetings, security, travel expenses, press releases, meals, etc.

I AM ASKING that you stand with us as we stand on the shoulders of our ancestors! To lobby successfully, we must work collectively with members of Congress, the United Nations, and federal political officials in the US and Haiti to change the dehumanizing policies toward Haiti in DC. Haiti can't grow its rice competitively on the international market. More so, it will take me to raise funds in Haiti while galvanizing people like you that care about the African diaspora, especially those in Haiti.

Contact Info:
470-377-112six (text first, please)

Social Media:
IG/TW: @Courage2Believe
YouTube: King Kevin Dorival
FB: King Kevin Dorival
“If we don’t do anything significant regarding these bloodthirsty policies towards Haiti, millions will continue to be enslaved, starved to death, and oppressed for another five generations. The island has been dominated by the economic collusion from the US and France’s iron hands since 1650, and possibly to the year 3000! Not on my watch!”
- King Kevin Dorival

The island is being enslaved economically, mentally, and physically. The current state of the country is disheartening and unfair while destroying their hope to live. WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Let's make a difference in the spirit of the 1804 Haitian Revolution and its leaders. I'm not saying that I am the complete solution, but I am asking that we do our part in solving the problem with all due diligence.
I'll be visiting and speaking in the following cities:
Confirmed: Atlanta, GA. Sat., June 17th, 2023.
Cap-Haiti, July 2023
South Carolina, Saturday, June 3rd, Chicago,
Friday, May 27th, + Oakland, California on August 20th + Savannah, GA Oct. 7th-9th, 2022

TBA: Alabama, Washington DC, NYC (United Nations + African Union), New Orleans, Haiti, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale (August), Miami, and Houston. Dates and locations are forthcoming. Please visit my website and social media for updates. I welcome your invitation to your city.

Press Releases, Blogs, Published Books, and Videos are available on my website:
1. “Greatest Victory in Black History, World History Was In #HAITI, NOT AMERICA: The Haitian Revolution” Video Link

2. America’s 200-Year Inhumane War Against Haiti and Black #FreedomFighters—Imperialism At Its Finest.”
3. The Slave Trade, Napoleon Bonaparte’s Worst Nightmare: Toussaint L’ouverture | Epic Legacy Series
5. Haiti's Land is SUPER Rich With Oil, #Gold, And #ClintonCorruption | #HaitiStrong

Contact Info:
470-377-112six (text first, please)
Social Media:
IG/TW: @Courage2Believe


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Kevin Dorival
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