AHS athlete TQ hit by drunk driver

On his way home after baseball practice on April 25, 2016 TarQuin Daley (17 year old Ashland High School Senior) was struck head on by an intoxicated uninsured driver.  TarQuin was stuck in the vehicle with a compound fracture; his knee cap broken in half.  TarQuin was pinned and unable to move.  His cell phone was in his back pack, which was unreachable, while the intoxicated driver refused to call for help.   Fortunately,  a good samaritan who happened to be passing by stayed with him until emergency services arrived.  TarQuin will be undergoing surgery to repair his knee.  Needless to say this was a horrible accident and we THANK GOD he is alive and with us here today.  He will have a very long road to a full recovery.

TarQuin's purple Jeep was totaled with only liability insurance.   He is a senior leaving for college in September and needs help with medical bills & a new vehicle.  Anything you can do to help would be a huge blessing.  Let's help TQ get back to his regular routine. Thank you ALL for your help and contribution!



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TarQuin Daley

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