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Tango to Africa

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My name is Yatma Diallo, I am a Senegalese dancer and my dream is to represent Africa to the Tango World Cup in Buenos Aires.

No African dancer has ever tried this challenge before and my dream is to raise Africa's heritage to the highest stage, a well-deserved place for all the people that brought black rhythms to Argentina, making tango the beautiful music we all know.

I aim to open a new and deep connection between different worlds that were separated a long time ago and since then never communicated with each other. I think Tango can serve as an extraordinary instrument of friendship and peace.

 I think Tango can become the ideal place where to grow a new awareness that links together different people from different cultures. Our values belong from our origins, but only the knowledge and exchange with new cultures can help ourselves to develop as better men and women.

That's why I created "El Africano, Bien Milonguero" a project with social impact that aims to spread the culture of inclusion throughout different continents, creating bridges and connections between Africa, Europe and America. From Senegal to Argentina, passing through Italy.

To achieve my dream, I need a hand from all of you: associations, public and private companies, tango lovers or people who believe in the values of inclusive dialogue and are happy to help me spread them. Dance can be a very powerful communication tool.

 The next World Championships will take place in Buenos Aires in August 2020. Here below a brief list of the expenses that I need to cover to fulfil my dream:

- Airline tickets to Buenos Aires (I live in Milan)

- Board and lodging for the final training month and registration for the competition (entrance fee)

- DocuFilm that tells my story, shot by Christian Noukpo Whannou (director, winner of the Fespaco Festival, the most important pan-African film festival)

 To reward your generosity I will bring your energy back into circulation and give tango lessons in the places where there is the greatest need for listening and dialogue: prisons and rest homes.

The project has already received the support of Senegalese Consulate, Sunugal Association and BeOneBrand.

 If you want to know more about the project "El Africano, Bien Milonguero", please visit my website .

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Yatma Diallo
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