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Tammi discovered in the middle of April 2017 that she had a large tumor in her femur where the femur meets the hip. After a very complex surgery, she is undergoing radiation treatment to eradicate this bitch of cancer once and for all. All of us who know her know how generous and helpful she has been to those in need. Until she can recover, finish her treatment and get back to life as usual, please consider cleaning out your change drawer, your car's console or the cushions of the couch to give a little back to Tammi who is always willing to help others. Even the smallest donation will help with monthly bills and copays which are piling up. Your kindness is so much appreciated at this challenging time.


  • Cathy & Bill Adams
    • $250 
    • 7 yrs

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Lisa Propps
Tampa, FL
Tammi Camara

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