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About The Film

"Subsurface” is a short film focused on an untroubled young man, Jared, who awakens trapped in a vast, unending imprisonment; here, he must confront the pain he’s ignored when he finds himself face-to-face with consequence. 

It is important to mention that this film is not a comforting tale. Rather, “Subsurface” tells an unfiltered story centered around mental illness to make the intangible and unseen experiences that come with it feel more visceral to those that do not experience them. In essence, this film seeks to demonstrate what mental illness can feel like rather than attempting to explain what it is, providing a source of understanding by which those who live emotionally unencumbered lives may empathize.

Through a display of vulnerability, we hope “Subsurface” may:

   1. Show others living with mental illness that they are not alone, and that it is okay to vulnerably speak toward their experience(s), and
   2. Offer mentally healthy individuals a window by which to see and understand how mental illness can affect a person’s life.

Why Now?

You don’t have to look very far to see the damage that has occurred in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The losses we’ve all experienced in some form have brought with them an emotional and mental toll on a nearly unprecedented scale – so unprecedented that it is being widely reported as a “mental health crisis.

By crafting a story from personal experience told through vulnerability and passing that through the professional lens of mental health experts (therapists, counselors, etc.) through consultation, “Subsurface” has a unique opportunity to tell a story that is both deeply personal and overwhelmingly universal.

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By combining a universally personal story and a market primed for empathizing with mental health struggles, it is abundantly clear that telling this story now maximizes its impact and potential to effect change.

How You Can Help

The full budget for this film is $20,128.95. Utilizing a strategy of donation matches alongside our fiscal sponsorship with IFP, we have successfully ensured that 100% of our donations will be (at least) doubled – essentially meaning that, out of the full budget, we only have to raise $10,265.27!

Your contribution (which is immediately doubled) will help us with all the costs associated with film production, among them being editing, equipment rentals, locations, permitting, etc. However, we also acknowledge the economic strain the pandemic has placed on entertainment workers; so, we have ensured that our budget allows us to compensate our team to support struggling arts workers.

BIG PICTURE: Your donation also secures an equivalent donation from a large corporate donor, thus reallocating funds away from big business and into the local Chicago art market.

Our Team

Kyle Patrick (Writer, Producer; Actor)

Kyle Patrick (he/him/his) graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in Acting and Biological Sciences – with this multidisciplinary background, Kyle has a unique collection of skills that grants him a versatile approach to film. The founder of SoliFilm Productions, Kyle continues to diversify his involvement in the art realm and is committed to returning opportunities to the community.
Kyle is represented by Gray Talent Group (Talent) and 10MGMT (Print).


J. Michael Wright (Producer)

J. Michael Wright (he/him/his) is a Chicago-local Producer/Director/Actor who, after training at Illinois State University, recognized his desire to prioritize poignant artistic projects like "Subsurface." With an extensive directorial and organizational background, J. Michael supplies a strategically blended managerial and artistic contribution that ensures a smooth process and a beautiful product.  
J. Michael is represented by BMG Chicago.


Harry Belden (Producer)

Harry Belden is a Chicago native and local experienced actor who, with training at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and The Second City, fine-tuned his abilities with comedy and sketch-writing. With the provision of his comedy skills, Harry is an invaluable asset to the "Subsurface" team and is proud to take part in ensuring all stories are told, not just the ones that are easy to digest.

Redleg Films (In Association With)

We are very grateful to have an agreement with Redleg Films, a boutique production company based out of Chicago that specializes in audience-friendly movies. By working in association with Redleg Films, we will gain access to an abundance of additional resources to bring this film to fruition. As a full-package team, Redleg Films will supply us with multiple core creative members: a director, DP, sound department, editors, etc.
Through partnership with this company, we are proud to be able to maintain in-house control at all stages of the production process, as well as keep that local to Chicago.
You can check out their website here

Care to Contribute?

First: Thank you for donating! It is solely because of donors like you that we can make this project happen.

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