stay housed while I look for work

You've might have seen some posts alluding to the eventuality of this fundraiser but here we are. I've burned through my savings before joining Code for America last year and after the wave of layoffs two months ago, that severance hasn't managed to extend past November (on top of having to pay COBRA and relocation costs earlier in late July due to a change of a housing arrangement I was in).

I'm asking you for some help. I'm actively interviewing and open to work (sending emails, apps, calls - the whole nine - and across the board) but that work in itself (but job hunting is a job in itself) doesn't pay and I have bills to reach. I've reduced my contributions for dependents (which wasn't easy). I need help reaching this goal so I can secure a job without having to worry about baseline things. The expected runway with this additional fundraiser will allow me to continue looking for work until Februrary 2024.

The majority of these funds will be going to rent (~90%) and the remainder to cover the minimal bills I need to remain capable to job hunt. I'm confident that I can find work before the year's end so any you provide can help affirm that. However, the landscape of the industry and the tightening of doors to tech labor is not to be understated - hence forcing me to expand my horizons. Best case scenario would be this campaign disappearing altogether.

Writing this and asking for this isn't easy. But I appreciate any and all kinds of help here that contribute to stability. Are you looking for a Web developer ?

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  • David Bonner
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  • Ruhee D
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  • Tiff & Bell P
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  • Marcus Relacion
    • $100 
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  • Rebecca Alcine
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