Stanley's World Scout Jamboree Fund

My name is Stanley, and I have been a scout at 11/9th Cambridge Scouts since joining as a
Beaver in 2012. I have been selected to go to the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea to represent the UK scouts during the summer of 2023. There will be over 40 000 scoutscoming together at the WSJ from all over the world, but just 45 from Cambridgeshire so Ifeel really lucky to be part of this amazing opportunity.
The Jamboree event is 12 days long and will give me the chance to meet lots of new friends. I’ll have the chance to experience what scouting is like in different countries and cultures.We’ll come together for wild activities as varied as scuba diving to rock climbing to archery. The Covid-19 pandemic has stopped most of our usual school and activity trips so we are all really lookingforward to having this chance to get away with our new friends.
Our Unit, the Camfolk Tigers (Unit 26), will spend 2 days camping with our Korean partner scouts to explore their country in greater depth and detail. We will be away from home for 3 weeks in total - some of that will be in smaller camps back in the UK which could be considered major events in their own right!
The motto for the WSJ is ‘Think big. Dream wild. Act together’ which points to this
Jamboree’s goals of empowering young people to tackle big issues in an inclusive, fun and engaging way. We will learn the skills to campaign and promote the work of the Scouts indriving the changes needed to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal on Climate Action. We need to urgently preserve, protect and restore nature and engage the whole of The Scouts in our ‘promise to the planet’ initiative, making Scouting more sustainable.
Since 1920, every 4 years, except for during WW2 and the Iranian revolution, thousands of
scouts aged 14-17 have come together for Jamborees. The 8.8 sqkm site for the 25th WSJ in South Korea is in SaeManGeum is on the west coast of Korea and the site was one of the world’s largest land reclamation projects in history; the Saemangeum seawall is the longest man-made sea barrier in the world.
I have until summer 2023 to raise £3895 which pays for everything: the plane ticket, camping gear, food, drink, travel insurance (which covers COVID-19) and most importantly
helps support others,making it a truly global experience. I hope to raise all the funds to have a great time there but also a great journey too. I will aim to raise this amount from raffles, donations, stall sales, group events, sponsored events, litter picks, bag packing and a multitude of other proactive, community orientated fundraising activities that will help me and other people in the process.
If you wish to support me, follow this page where I will post updates on my fundraising journey with active events and news. I am extremely grateful for your support, and I thank you for taking the time to get to know me, WSJ 25 and the adventure that awaits!


Sophie Jones

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