Sonya and the Great Glass Elevator

Sonya was diagnosed with Huntingtons Disease (HD) several years ago. 
Most people with HD die from falling down stairs or choking.
Sonya now struggles with the stairs in our house. Her bedroom and the bathroom are upstairs.
She has fallen down the stairs a few times already and this summer she had a nasty fall where she cut open her face and needed stitches.

we have been advised that a stair lift doesn't normally work with someone with HD, as they increasingly struggle with the coordination needed in safely operating it.

Sonya does not want to move from this house as she grew up here (by the Stonydelph lakes) and her surroundings are familiar. Familiarity is important as Huntingtons Disease is a degenerative neurological condition, which means that people struggle to learn new information and develop dementia. Routines and familiar surroundings help them to keep their independence and sense of self for longer.

We have been looking into getting an electric elevator, possibly on the side of the house.
Our research suggests this may cost around £12,000 for the elevator and £8,000 for the brick enclosure (if external). Unfortunately, getting exact quotes is more tricky at this difficult time.

We are keen to start this process as soon as possible due to the daily risk when Sonya uses the stairs. We have therefore setup this gofundme to raise some funds.

Please help us to keep Sonya safe.
  • Julian Franklin 
    • 200 £ 
    • 4 mos
  • Linda Lucas 
    • 200 £ 
    • 5 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • 200 £ 
    • 5 mos
  • Sara Read 
    • 30 £ 
    • 6 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • 40 £ 
    • 12 mos
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