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Feed the Front Line Nola

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Our little parade group (The Krewe of Red Beans) was one of the first in America to recognize the connection between Hospital workers getting amazing food - - - and supporting locally owned businesses. We began with a 60$ order of food to one hospital. 

Two weeks later, we were sending food to EVERY SINGLE   hospital in our city!
we are one of the hardest hit places also... (highest death rate per capita). 

We are 100% volunteer run. 0$ is spent on administration. 
every dollar we spend, we spend in New Orleans. We are supporting 35+ locally-owned restaurants, and we have hired out-of-work musicians as our "delivery musicians. They are able to make a living wage helping us. 

The hospital staff (docs, nurses, techs, cleaning-staff, and security) are not just getting food - they are getting some of the finest food our city has to offer. Mom n' Pop neighborhood spots + some really famous and amazing chefs....  as you probably know, New Orleans is a food-city, and our hospital workers deserve the very best right now!www.feedthefrontlinenola.org 

We would very much like to keep this going - esp. because.... we're normal people! There's no movie star or famous person behind this effort... just a team of very dedicated New Orleanians. ....

We are also open-source and happy to teach anyone in any city how to do what we are doing. 
it's a team effort!



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Krewe of Red Beans

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