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My name is Kenny a recent Masters graduate of Northeastern University. Along my life journey martial arts has furthered my own personal development.

As a community leader my goal in life is to assist others in need. To continue my journey in helping others, an opportunity has arisen in China, the birthplace of martial arts that allows me to continue giving back. It is imperative that I attend this 12-day cultural immersion. This time sensitive invitation requires me to reach out to my fellow peers, community members, professors and loved ones for financial support.

Martial arts gives me a peace of mind that I know is worth sharing with others. The goal of this trip is to reach my fullest potential as a human being. Immersing myself into the origins of Chinese martial arts, spending day and night with Shaolin Monks, Masters of the Arts, and fellow practitioners to challenge myself as an inspired instructor.

I plan on taking back these experiences from martial arts in its most organic form to support the personal development of children and adults from diverse backgrounds.   

I would love to provide a contribution to my donors by documenting my entire experience in addition to a token of appreciation. Anyone interested in the martial arts or self-defense please feel free to reach out to me I would love to support you in getting to where you want to be.

You can find the trip itinerary below as well as click on this link  to Master Deru’s Shaolin Institute website as well as this link  for more information on my martial arts dojo and system San Da-JiuJitu-Do. 

This is a lifetime goal of mine. Thanks again for your support! If you ever had a dream share this message.


Kenny O. Francis
Masters of Sports Leadership 2019 

Cultural Ambassador Exchange
July 14 to July 31, 2020
Two weeks of Ancient Body-Mind and Spiritual Wisdom tour in Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhengzhou, and Beijing. Train with a 31st generation Shaolin Kung Fu Grand Master and other masters in Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Kickboxing in China!

Purpose of The Journey
• Embark on a journey that will develop your innermost intelligence, gain the grit to enlighten yourself, influence and assist others, and reshape your life for an optimal future

• Together, we will raise innermost consciousness and unveil our students’ greatest potential in terms of leading a vibrant life full of creativity and innovation

• The program promotes cultural exchange on a global scale and offers an in-depth immersion in Eastern and Western cultures
Follow Zen-Quantum Consciousness Traveler Deru to start a life-changing journey that specializes in developing a student’s inner-intelligence, cultivating grit and perseverance, and instigating the mind to unveil one’s greatest potential to Imagine & Beyond.

A journey that guides each student to connect to one’s inner-intelligence and not only achieve self-enlightenment and life fulfillment, but also lead others to reposition their conscious direction in life.
The US – China Cultural Ambassadors touring studies include travel to famous cities and sites such as Shanghai, Beijing, the Great Wall and of course the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu and Zen Buddhism, the Shaolin Temple. Train with authentic Shaolin Kung Fu Grand Masters Shi De Ru and Shi De Yang.
Day 1 
Arriving in Shanghai
Tea & Meal with Music at CHAN Cha
Sightseeing  at Shanghai Bund
Shanghai - Su Zhou
Check in at Su Zhou Shi Bi Jing She Center

Day 2 
GongFu Training & Zen Meditation
Relax tour around Tai Hu Lake
Visit Shi Bi Temple with Zen Tai Gong Intro
Zen related tea gathering
Welcome Event

Day 3 
Zen TaiGong & Zen Meditation
Connecting with nature. Open p energy channel wit GongFu
GRIT Character Training with GongFu Challenges
Interact with Chinese students to experience the culture and the future innovation
Group Discussion

Day 4
GongFu Training & Zen Meditation
Connecting with inner consciousness
Listen and see the new way of forward thinking
Instigate mind through Game & Challenges
Group Discussion

Day 5 
Arriving TianTai Mountain
Visiting experience TianTai mountain
Connecting with nature & universe through the practice of Zen Tai Gong
Interact with Chinese students to experience local culture
Group Discussion/Speeches

Day 6 
GongFu Training & Zen Meditation
Visiting Guo Qing Temple
Zen related Seminar/Stories of inspiration
Instigate mind through Game & Challenges, special expression by students
Group Discussion/Speeches

Day 7
Arriving at Shaolin Temple
Experience Ancient time with Shifu in GongFu and Zen Meditation
Xen TaiGong with GongFu Training
Visiting & experience the history of Shaolin Temple
Group Discussion

Day 8
GongFu grit & Zen Meditation
Pay Respect to Shi Xie, connecting the ancient history, & open up to the future
GRIT Character Training Speeches
Kung Fu Game & Challenges
Speeches in Grit and Character

Day 9
Arriving in Beijing
Visiting & experience the history of Great Wall
Connecting with nature o uplift & expand that inner consciousness
GongFu Training & Zen Meditation
Team Expression Challenges

Day 10 
Zen taiGong with Gongfu Training Meditative Zen Flex Challenges
Visit Zen Tai Gong Headquarter, Listen and Learn to be Inspired
Experience future living, education & Team-Individual Expression with Innovative & Fresh Thinking and more....
Interacting with futurists, forward thinkers, philosopher, cutting-edge scientists, technologists & CEOs
Group Challenges and Debates

Day 11 
Zen TaiGong/GongFu & Zen Meditation
Visiting Chinese University & a school
Interaction with Chinese students to experience China's cultural education
Discussion & Innovative Challenges and Debates Continue
Testing Certification and Teams Cooperation

Day 12 
Zen Tai Gong & Zen Meditation
Open activity

Thanks again for your support! Stay True!
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Kenny Francis 
Quincy, MA