Shane Freeman Itp/A-plastic anemia

My brother Shane has been diagnosed with severe A plastic-Anemia and I.T.P. This is a auto -immune disease that has kept his platelet count extremely low-dangerously low-which prevents him from living a normal life. He is confined to a sterilized room because he is severely neutropenic which means his immune system is so suppressed he cannot fight off even a normal cold. Due to this disease he has lost his job and he needs help with living expenses.  He's an exceptionally amazing man who has had a hard run of luck recently and needs as much help as possible.  We are giving our faith to the Lord and hoping for a miracle in undergoing this life changing event. Treatment is expected to last 3 months to a year but even then, nothing is guaranteed. Current disability insurance has barely paid for medical costs up to this point but ends in one week. We are in the process of getting him on long-term disability but even with that, basic living expenses like food, gas, etc. are not being paid. Disability only covers medical expenses, not everyday living. These donations are intended to prevent him from falling into debt and losing everything he's worked so hard for.

                        Words from Shane Freeman
I worked at a Casino until recently as a food Server/ Bartender 12 yrs+. On Nov 18, 2017 my world got turned upside down with a Diagnoses of Severe A-plastic Anemia and I.T.P. being a fairly healthy 30 yr old it has left me in a tough spot work wise. Now being Disabled for the time being. (Up to a year if IST sticks). My progress: My two brothers both not being a HLA match Bone Marrow Donors I had to go with option B Immuno-Suppressive therapy. I've gone though I.S.T...including A.T.G. and Cyclosporine treatments among others and hopefully on the road to recovery. With this treatment it will take awhile for my doctors to see if its working, Finished A.T.G 12/26/2017 best case scenario is one month response time, but can take 3-6 months before Blood Counts/ ANC/ WBC/ RBC/ Platelets rise resulting in a Success or Failure. Leaves me in a tough spot physically and number of blood counts severely low and Neutropenic now quarantined majority to my room in fear of infections or injury's that wont stop bleeding and could be fatal, except for Doctors visits 3 times a week in mask and gown. Luckily my dad moved up to help be my Caregiver thorough it all (God Bless). As well as my mother that has been here everystep of the way helping me to doc's appointments, and lots of work cleaning to make a safe enviorment (god bless ). If you would like to know more about the rare blood disease please let me know and I would love to share my progress. Hard to put my situation out here like this but any good vibes I could surly use. Brothers and Friends both encouraged me to set up a stream while in recovery to check in on me while working since I have been a gamer my whole life. I also have a strong faith with Jesus and a Christian with his healing right hand he will see me through. Thanks for reading a little about me and hope we can become good friends.
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