Lexi and Lyme

My dearest friend Lexi Czar has been struggling with Lyme disease for the past two years, her symptoms are more rare then others due to her auto immune disorder. She has found hope in a treatment center in Beverly Hills but still needs to raise enough money in order to go. Please help Lexi reach her goal to get her back to health and living a normal happy life!

Anyone who has had the pleasure of having Lexi in their life knows that she is the most caring and charismatic, ultimately lovable person. For those of you have yet to meet her… well you’re missing out! Lexi’s health has been deteriorating since 2014 and she was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2016. It has been absolutely heartbreaking to see her charism and love of life be stripped away by such a devastating disease.
Now 4 years into the process, her health is progressively under attack with a growing list of catastrophic complications. She is currently unable to be alone because of the dire risk to her survival. To understand the magnitude I will take you on a high level glimpse of her miserable reality.
Current Medical Diagnosis:
• Lyme disease and coinfections
• MCAD (Mast Cell Activation Disorder)
• POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)
• Osteopenia
• MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)
• Severe abdominal and traditional migraines
• Parasitic infection
Over the past 4 years she has seen over 20 medical specialists and been waitlisted to many more, 2 of which could drastically influence her recovery prospects. She has been hospitalized many times for severe anaphylaxis. She is on a very strict rotation diet, and even with this scrutiny still is regularly reactive to foods and the environment. In August of 2017 things really started escalating. Lexi underwent a bone marrow biopsy to uncover potential hidden cancers and mastosytosis. Thankfully, this scan came back clear. During this procedure she was victim to the 1 in 100,000 odds of severe sciatic nerve damage. This created a pathway for the Lyme disease to penetrate the blood barrier in her brain, resulting in multiple uncontrolled seizures. Since the onset of seizures her symptoms have been progressing at a rapid rate.
Current Health Outlook
• Experiencing 2-3 seizures EVERY day
• Tremors
• Ever increasing allergies
• Reoccurring anaphylaxis
• Regular fainting
• Migraines
• Arthritic pain
• Nerve pain
• Insomnia
• Fevers
• Decreased bone density
• Malabsorption
• Auto-immune complications

Last week (February 22, 2018) she was denied critical treatment in Canada. We have been fundraising for her to undergo treatment at a specialized center in Beverly Hills, California. When she found out she was ineligible for treatment here, she called the clinic in California. They had a last minute cancellation and she is actually starting treatment today (February 26, 2018)!

All of the money raised will support her treatment. Treatment costs will be upwards of $30,000 and a minimum of 1 year recovery.

There is no formal process of diagnosis Lyme disease in Canada, nor is there appropriate research and support. Among everything else, Lexi has committed herself to help others navigate the disease and rediscover their health.

Read her full story, stay updated with her blog and purchase her sweet swag here!

Lexi and Lyme

Lots of love and endless thanks!

Sarah and Jackie

Update Time! Accepted to (long-term specialized) treatment!

Week 1 of treatment was such an emotional rollercoaster to say the least… Lexi’s case is so progressed that they were unsure if they would be able to treat her. Namely, it was the immune instability and seizures that questioned whether her body could endure treatment without catastrophic health risk. I cannot imagine how difficult it was for Lexi to stay positive and keep faith that she would regain quality of life and normalcy. Thankfully the owner Philip is super compassionate and innovative. They recognized her undeniable commitment to her health and treatment plan. She was provided a customized plan that includes additional specialists and neurologists to advise and regulate her reactions. Her deteriorated condition extended the usual treatment plan from 2 weeks to 4. For her breakdown of week 1 check out her blog here

Weeks 2-3 (into week 3 now) were not easy by any extent. She seems to have regression in her symptoms, meaning she is experiencing symptoms that she had nearly 2 years ago. Having said, it is a daily hell regardless. She is unable to walk and has found a sweet new ride (wheelchair) to conserve her energy, dedicating it to fighting the battle of disease in her own body. The seizures seem to be decreasing from 3 a day to 1 or 2. The fainting, extreme nausea and nerve pain have escalated, but the wheelchair is helping to combat some of the limitations. Papa Alf went home for a week and recently returned with Mama for week 3. Daine was by her side every step of the way through week 2 and took her for some fresh air in her new wheels!

The good news is she is in the best place possible and has so much love and support. With her treatment plan being extended it also means the financial impact will be that much greater. By the end of the 4 week treatment plan costs will be upwards of $60,000! All of this expense is  prior to an estimated year of out of treatment centre recovery.

Show this girl how much we love her. Donate if you can and Share the Sh*t out of this so she can focus all of her energy on healing! She is such a selfless individual who would do anything to make someone smile. All of you love and support is what is keeping her smiling through this journey.

Also new red tees available and they are red hot (my jokes are lame… but seriously look at this babe, how could you resist?)

Lots of love and endless thanks!

Sarah and Jackie



Sarah Nicole Schultz

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