Memorial Fund R.I.P. 8/25/2016

Dear Friends and Family,
I am very sad to say that yesterday August 25th at 5:40pm, Sherri passed away. For those of you who personally knew her, this may be extremely difficult to process. Sherri was one of the most caring, giving and joyful people many have ever met and she was still young both in age and at heart.

I met Sherri when I was nearly 8 years old. From the moment she came into my life, she showed me and my family an extreme amount of love and care. She lived in the same apartments and I would spend countless hours and days at her house. Many children would and she welcomed every one of us. She was there for nearly every important time in my life and has long been a part of our family. I cannot express the pain in losing such an important figure in so many people's lives.

Sherri took in my nieces when my sister was unable to care for them and raised them as her own. She was the type of person who would do anything for anyone when she could and most anyone would do what they could for her too.

Though she now rests in peace, there is still much more to be done. The family is in need of money for after death costs, but we also need help for the children she left behind. One of my nieces just turned 18, but the other is just 15 years old.

Should you have the desire to give to the girls, or to her funeral fund, you may do so here still. If you want to send a letter to the family directly, you may either email through this site, or you can send hand written cards to my address and I will deliver them

Kat Moghanian P.O. Box 14381
San Francisco, California 94114

Thank you all for your support throughout this difficult time.


Original Post: 
YOU! Yes you. THANK YOU for reading this. I know there are many amazing and worthy causes, so I cannot thank you enough for even giving our family just a moment of your time. So before you click off this campaign, and onto a picture of youth, please hear our story and know that there are kids involved here too. 

An act of kindness, no matter how big or small, will raise your own happiness levels, but most importantly it could help save the life of a mother of four, a grandmother of seven, and a friend to everyone she meets.

The woman you see is 49-year-old Sherri, and she is holding one of her precious grandsons and one of the many people who call her family. She has been like a second mother to me personally, and I am not the only one who would say this with sincerity. The smile on her face is as genuine and warm as her heart, so you can imagine how much ours have been breaking since the moment we heard the news.

Sherri was diagnosed with 2 types of breast cancer and now has recently learned the cancer has spread, or had already been there and they had not caught it at the time, to her spine causing a compound fracture. She has 9 tumors up and down her spine one on her skull and one on her hip. It is called Stage IV Metastatic breast cancer. She is bed ridden and not allowed to even sit up in bed for fear the tumors encroaching on her spinal cord will shift and paralyze her for life. To say the least, we are devastated. She has dedicated her life to helping others and now we are hoping that, whether you are a stranger or friend, you can do anything to help keep her here with us.

With a heart of gold, and always putting others before herself, she didn't even hesitate to step in and raise two of her four children as her very own when their birthmother was unable to care for them. She has taken in children and teens when families were in crises or at a loss for what to do. She has opened up her house to animals that were waiting to be euthanized while she found them good homes. She has never turned a blind eye to a single person or animal that was in need, and now we can only hope that you will do the same for her.

Sherri has been working independently as a Doula to help mothers and fathers of all income levels bring beautiful babies into this world. Unfortunately, this means she has poor health coverage and not a lot of money to spare. With intensive treatment ahead, she will be unable to work for what little income she was bringing in before, and she still has children to feed and house and medical bills that are quickly rising.

Sherri is currently in a nursing and rehabilitation home waiting for radiation therapy. After her radiation therapy she is hoping to go to the Gerson clinic. The radiation is being used to try and stabilize her spine enough so she can leave the nursing home. The treatment at the Gerson clinic is $10,000 for two weeks. Then she will do the Gerson treatment from home where she will need organic fruits and vegetable to juice and eat organic food. It is at least a two year commitment to the Gerson program. Some of the juicing equipment is quite costly in addition to the transportation to and from the doctors and around the clock care. The family is looking for as much support as possible to help make this happen.

We know your time is precious, and many of you do not have much money to spare, but if you were to meet this woman, you would know why we are asking for help in any way you can. If you absolutely cannot contribute, perhaps you can pass this along to people who can. She is our rock, our sunshine, and the reason why we look at this world with such positivity. If you are going to “pay it forward” knowing that you will be giving to someone who has been paying it forward her entire life, and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.
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