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I need to restart this go fund me that I never followed through with back in 2015. I have been fighting the legal system for the last 3 years. My case is going to appeals court but ❤ I was told that I Need to be out by January 2019  as per lowercourt Judge  UPDATED SINCE 2015 I have been fighting Fraudclosure since 2016 I was in the process of selling my home of 21 years that I bought on my own and raised my kids here for a buyout from FEMA to my Township because I live in a major flood zone and have been flooded out majorly 7 times since 1997. It all started when my property did not come up on my title search its been a nightmare ever since. I have discovered so much fraud in my purported Countrywide Mortgage that my title is considered to be in the cloud. I have discovered so much fraud in my mortgage and have been fighting in the court system for the last 3 years. It is down to the wire now where the Judge is giving me until January to move to sell my house to the Township. The problem is the fraudclosure mill attorneys have used up all of my equity and I am now really underwater. My case is going to appeals court but it will not get there in time for me to do the closing. Once it gets there I am sure they have to prove standing that they are the right holder in due course, I received no due process from the court I was in. I presented around 50 pages of evidence or more and because I was a woman doing my case pro se I was railroaded. The Judge signed Final Summary Judgement EVEN though I have 9 different copies of a note from Countrywide and three what I believe to be fraudulent assignments. It has been a complete nightmare since I first started this gofund me WHEN I was told I was going to close back in 2015 and was going to receive all the funds from the grant, I had given all my furniture away then and was left with nothing only to find out I couldn't close. I took this original gofund me down after people donated over 2g I bought some appliances and furniture and continued the fight against the Servicers of this Purported Mortgage. It is now 3 years later and I am still fighting but I am at the end I was told by the Judge this past Tues I have until January 31 he will not sign another STAY. I do have a attorney now to go to appeals court the problem is I have no money to move on with my life or to even move, It has been a rough few years for me losing my son and floods rebuilding my home from the floods and trying to heal grieve, work and fight the CROOKED BANKS who consistantly send fraudulent documents to foreclose on me, I am in diar need of some help now to move on, The sale of my home all the funds will go to the Pretender Lender until I get into appeals court. I plan on making videos to EXPOSE the fraud. This is all I know right now,  I do not want my house to go to sheriffs sale I want to sell my home to the Township so they can knock it down as they are doing in my neighborhood because of the major flooding. I want my sons spirit to be free as he died here. I don't want anyone else living here. Thank you God Bless


Hello I have waited to the last minute to do this as I was feeling something would drastically change but it hasn't. I bought my house as a single mom of two back in 1997. Since 1997 I was evacuted at least 7 times due to major flooding. The last flood that occured was Hurricane Irene in August but that year there was another flood in March. In January of that year I lost my son to suicide I found him in his room. It was something I will never forget the horrible sight of him he was my oldest and my Joy the love of my life, I miss him terribly. I was out of work for a few months and then the floods hit 13 feet of water and I lost everything including my job. Funeral costs  I went through every penny to survive for the next year and a half I could not collect unemployment as they denied me. I fell so far behind on my mortgage that it has been impossible to catch up. I have a offer on my house from the State a grant but I cannot sell it because I owe to much on back mortgage, I need to get out of here and start a new life. My daughter lives with me as she is healing right now due to a broken lumber in her back . I have been fighting with my mortgage co to modify me but they keep dening it's almost like they want me to forclose . In the mean time I work living pay check to pay check but its just not enough to catch up and stay afloat (no pun intended) We want to move. I finally have enough courage to leave being I have been here 19 years if the State buys my house they will be demolishing it but I need to pay the back mortgage. I believe my sons spirit is here and will also be free. I have written this poem and several others over the years I will send everyone a HOPE POEM that I have written back in the 90's but I need help now, I always give and help others that is my nature but it's time for me to put my ego aside and ask for the help I need, I don't want to lose my home and be left with nothing, I worked so hard for. I was homeless once after my divorce in 1993 with two kids and I managed to save enough to buy this house. I don't know what else to do, The Servicer for the Mortgage Co will NOT negotiate they will not modify me as I have tried over and over again. They said my debt to income is too high, Well No Shit why do you think I am asking for a modification. I need to sell this house and get the rest of the grant so I can move on with my life, I have no family to help as I lost my mom to suicide in 1976 and I lost other siblings through the years I have a sister and I do have another brother but he just lost his daughter to brain cancer and another brother who resides in the VA Hospital. Please understand the love I have for this house and the hard work I put into it all these years it's not just a house it's a house of love that needs to be saved and demolitioned  so that we can have closure. I am a decent person just so you know I don't drink or drug I work and have always put my kids first. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and I guess I am one of those people.  We just want to move on with our lives. I don't want my house to go into forclosure as they are threathing me daily with this is all I have.  I was about to close last month and the last minute it got cancelled  in the mean time I sold my washer dryer and gave away my refrigerator and kitchen set and so much more now we are living with a tiny refrig. probably a good thing I don't have money for food. I am not as young as I look lol so this was my retirement and it is all I have left. I have opened my house up to many over the years helping people when they needed a place to stay I guess I need the help now. My friend just reminded me humility is much a part as food and water is to stayin alive.
God Bless and Thank you


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