Save Our Dog Refuge Chi-Wah-Wall!

Please help save the Hardy-Hayes Refuge. We want to continue to help dogs in critical need of medical foster, and help them find loving forever homes. Unfortunately, development and progress has found us even though we are located a mile down a dirt road here in Paige, Texas. 

Our neighbors have sold their land to the county and a 50-ft right of way is about to be cleared with bulldozers,  & chain saws. Then a paved road will literally surround half of our property. We fought this for many years but now it simply is what it is.

Many of the dogs healing here right now were injured by cars or trucks, and we can't take any chances with their physical safety, and for several months the peace that adds to the emotional restoration of these sweet dogs will be interupted.
In our heartworm treatment cases- it's imperative
that they remain calm & stress free- or literally a fatal embolism can occur. 

I am currently building an inner horse fence design to act as a safety buffer. Half of the current existing fence belongs to our neighbors, and has openings large enough for the smaller dogs to get through. Reality is our remaining existing fence is many years old and is dilapidating.

The $4,800 cost of fencing materials was a big shock and we are gratefully accepting donations and materials to our Hardy-Hayes Refuge fence fund.
Any donations above our goal will help currrent & future medical cases, and a potential privacy fence after the paved road is built.

Many of you know about our years of dedication since 2012. In 2014 we took on every single medical case at Bastrop County Animal Shelter, saving the lives of countless great dogs that just needed medical attention, time and love! In the years following we have expanded our efforts to many other county shelters. With just two people we have saved well over 100 dogs from being euthanized and have helped them become adorable and adoptable.

We have a current group of senior medical cases that will most likely stay with us for the rest of their golden years.

Please help donate and share so we can continue to help these deserving dogs.

Simply donate via gofundme right here.

Checks or gift cards to Tractor Supply, Lowes, McCoys, or Home Depot gratefully accepted!
Hardy-Hayes Refuge
Paige, TX 78659

All donations tax deductible and we gladly mail receipts.


Any contributions over our goal will go directly to save new medical cases and to keep our permanent medical residents healthy. We have two with kidney failure, two heart patients, one with cancer, one with megacolon, one with severe allergies and many others on joint and nutritional supplements since they are the "oldies but goodies." None of these would be alive if they weren't with us.

Our monthly expense for heartworm and flea preventative alone is $400. Each dog we adopt out is heartworm tested and on both as well as all the permanent residents. Our medication expense runs $800 and specialty food from the vet is another $300. We also go through a case of subcutaneous fluids for $150 a month. We also have to keep lots of medications on hand. We worm each new dog with Pyrantel, Panacur and Praziquantel at $20 a dog. We also vaccinate each dog with intranasal Bordatella and two rounds of the Distemper / Parvovirus vaccine. These are $10 a shot. Our gas expense for my car alone for trips to Austin and beyond for the babies is $250. We also do 20 to 30 loads of laundry a week. I just wanted to give you guys an idea of the ongoing expenses. :)

We use Emancipet for spay / neuter, rabies vaccination, heart worm testing and microchipping. Most of the funds go directly to vets. We use Bastrop Vet, Techridge Vet in Austin and Veterinary Surgical Solutions for our orthopedic cases.

Right now our only means of funding is putting up a go fund me on a case by case basis or collecting adoption fees. I also babysit previous fosters to make extra money for the Refuge. We rely solely on Scott's income and loving contributions from big hearted people like you.


*First- We want to thank all of you for your Kindness, Love & Support.

Your donation doesn't just save One life, it's also a Living Legacy .
This week, Norman the Schnauzer found an incredible home with a Schnauzer brother & sister!
Lil George's new meds from our Austin vet has helped him become pain free, and
Henry, the amazing dog that did not fit well in his past two homes... now has a winner! A forever home with our good friend Angela. They are perfect together, and the timing could not be better after Angela suffered a devastating unexpected loss of her beloved dog Casper.

Because of you, these awesome animal spirits Live to Love another day!

Big Love from Texas,
Scott & Christine Hardy
Uncle & Auntie Mullet
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