Save My Parents Home

My parents, Ed and Kathi, have been through a lot of challenges the last 31 years of their marriage. They have always been the type who put their three children, six grandchildren, and multiple dogs and kitties first. They would put others before themselves and would never ask for anything other than prayers and good wishes. As a last resort, my sister and I have decided to make this account on their behalf because the truth is  they need help to save their home before the bank starts forecloser.

My dad was laid off from Goodyear back in 2002 and ended up retiring since he had over 30 years with the company as a Mechanical Engineer. Right after he was laid off my dad had a blood clot in his leg and it traveled to his lungs where he had a pulmonary embolism and was in ICU for a few days. Fast forward to 2010, my dad had a freak accident that should have killed him. He fell through a sink hole in our yard while gardening which led directly to our septic tank. By some miracle, my mom heard the fall and was able to hold onto him while she yelled for help and the neighbors came. My dad was nearly completely submerged in the septic tank and was unconscience by the time Emergency Services arrived. He later spent time in ICU again and developed CPOD from the methane gases. The medical bills have definetly added up over the years, not only for himself, but my mom, who needs a double knee replacement, along with having fibromyalgia, arthritis, asthma, and migraines. Throughout all of this, my parents, have watched my sisters kids since they were born during the week.

Over the years their youngest daughter (Annie) has suffered from multiple illnesses, that has resulted in over 20 surgeries and multiple other procedures that involved a trip to the OR, including nights spent in the hospital. One of these surgeries included having to travel to Atlanta, GA, to find one of the top endometriosis specialists that performed excision. While this $25,000 surgery was successful for removing the endometriosis, I lost both of my fallopian tubes due to a prior surgerons failure to notice the infection in my fallopian tubes forming from the laproscopies performed 3 and 9 months prior.  These surgeries were nearly every year during high school and continued to  1-3 a year during college, including also losing my appendix and gall bladder. I am now having a different type of surgery on my bladder twice a year (for the last 3 years), and will probably need more in the futre because of debilitating pain. I had to quit working a couple years back due to the pain and because I developed an NSAID allergy that destroyed the lining of my bladder and finding out I have interstatial cystitis, along with the nerve damage caused from all of my endometriosis surgeries, fibromyalgia, and chronic migraines, that has left me unable to drive. My parents have taken me to countless doctors appointments and have waited in the OR waiting room more than any parent should ever have too, let alone watching their child not be able to live the life they wanted to live. This short paragraph really is a short cliff notes version of my health and not nearly everything I have been through since birth.

About 2 years ago, my dad decided that he had to go back to work because it was getting harder to pay the 2nd mortgage that they had to take out on the house. When the recession hit, it hit our household hard, especially with the medical bills piling up, health/home/car insurance, utlities, income taxes, etc. He wasn't able to get a consulting job until last April, where he lived in Virgina for 3 months working at the Goodyear-Danville plant supervising some project that was being built. He was supposed to go to South Africa, then India, and maybe Mexico afterwards but all of these plans/projects fell through and he is currently laid off - along with others at the firm (its a group of Goodyear guys that were laid off back in 2002). Every couple months they say a new job will be somewhere, and then it falls through. We start to get our hopes up that a prayer is being answered and then reality crashes in on how we will pay for food next week. Everything would have been ok if none of these lay offs would have happened, because the mortgage and bills would have been abled to be paid, but we are living on his social security check, which isn't much more than 1 house payment.  He also ended up having an infection his toe last July, where he had to have it amputated before it spread farther up his foot. My dad has been calling headhunters around the country along with applying for jobs and working with the bank to try and lower the bank payments, which they won't do until he is back to work. Each day we pray that a call will come through for him to go out on the job again, or for someone to set up an interview. We are trying to sell my dad's 1984 Toyota Supra which hasn't been driven since 2002, and they have started selling off their collectables and jewelry to make house payments, along with myself giving my parents my entire savings that I saved up before I had to quit working. My mom has had to also drop her health insurance because she is not 65 yet and does not qualify for any type of aid. I don't know how she does it daily because she needs multiple daily prescriptions that she has had to cut back on or find GoodRX coupons for and is unable to visit the doctor or get her knees replaced. We have also cut back on all of the utilities that we can but are still unable to make the house payment along with the property taxes that need paid. We have nowhere to go if the bank starts foreclosure and will not have the money to move, along with having to find a place for 5 dogs and 5 cats - 8 of them are seniors. We could never give up our 20 year old cat or 14/12 year old pugs, and our strays - one cat which in remission from luekemia. At the time my parents never imagined that this would of happened or we never would have adopted another member of our family.

You always try to plan for when a hardship happens, but sometimes, they keep happening and you just can't dig yourself out of the hole. It's hard to ask for help, especially with my parents because they want to be able to fix this on their own. On behalf of my parents, I am asking for help, because I know they never would. Our extended family is unable to help out and I know they would probably not be happy with me for going public with this. We are asking for prayers and at least $3000 by the end of this weekend to send to the bank by July 11th so they won't start foreclosure. I am terrified for the coming months and wish there was more that I could do to physically be able to help them, because they have always helped us when the time came to it.

**We have talked to the bank and originally it was $1500 and they are trying to give us more options that if we pay $3000 ASAP, and we can continue with the half payments it will help. PNC never gave this option to my dad when he asked for all of his current options and are now telling us this now. The $7600 and is the full amount of back payments. We greatly appreciate everyones donations and we are forever thankful to each and everyone of you that has donated, shared our page, and continue to like our posts to increase how many people we reach. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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