Roberts fund for a Service Dog

Hello Facebook friends and people who may know me!

Some of you may already know that four years ago I was diagnosed with Huntingtons Chorea that is a progressive degenerative nuerological disorder which creates not only over time memory loss but many cognitive problems such as involuntary movements similiar to Parkinsons but it causes Bipolar Disorder, severe depression, panic attacks as well as extreme emotional outbursts.  It is only heriditary and I inherited it from my mother. 
It has been recommended by my nuerologist, family doctor and my Social Workerfrom the Huntingtons Society that an Emotional Support Animal would greatly mitigate numerous side effects such as depression and anxiety and unfortunately I do not qualify under Service Alberta Guidelines for such an animal. 
I am currently on CPP Disability for Huntingtons and unfortunately my best friend and  loving wife lost her job last November with the downturn in the oil and gas sector so to purchase a Golden Retriever outright would be impossible for us. With the ongoing job losses continuing in Calgary would be very unlikely she will be ever rehired. 
I may have to purchase a Golden Retriever from Ontario as most of the Golden Retrievers Kennels and Breeders have closed in Alberta.  I have tried finding one also through the Golden Retriever  Club of Alberta to find one that has been given up as suggested by my Social Worker andthe Association has still not replied to my request after days. 
My goal would include bringing a puppy in from Ontario where I know a breeder and he was a former police officer like myself, plus any vet costs for the first year and necessary dog obiedience classes for the first year. I would give a full costing of the costs. 
I thank everyone in advance for any help, even a modest amount would help!!

I have not taken this step lightly. 

For those of you who know me Tati and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Robert DeLuca and Hartati Djuhana
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Robert Deluca 
Calgary, AB