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Queer-bashing Toronto - Healing Aid Fund

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Hi All,

On Saturday, June 5th, between 11:15 pm and 11:45 pm, a precious and loved member of our Queer community, David Gomez,  was on his way home from Hanlan's Point in Toronto and attacked by a group of homophobic individuals. 

The attack left David unconscious for some time, and he awoke to find out his nose had been broken, cheekbone and orbital bone shattered, a splint in his hip bone and a concussion. In short, David and a friend found themselves in danger when they were outnumbered by a group of folks (approx 5+) shouting and hurling homophobic slurs at them until things reached a boiling point, which compelled the attackers to become violent, leaving David incapacitated and in need of serious medical attention. 

David is recovering, still in shock from the incident and requires additional surgeries to mend the broken bones in his face and hip. The attack also left him with quite a bit of trauma, so we're asking for you to contribute to this GoFundMe to raise funds for therapy, legal fees, school fees, and any additional medical bills (e.g. pain medication, supplementary health fees like dental ... he also has a chipped tooth) throughout his journey through healing and restitution. 

There were apparently bystanders, INCLUDING the police (a minute or so before the conflict took place), who made a shallow attempt at calming tempers. We're working on getting testimonies from those at the scene of this crime. It's maddening to think that during PRIDE MONTH, we still have to watch our backs in areas like Hanlan's that have served as an enclave and safe haven for the queer community for as long as some of us can remember. 

If you have any questions about the incident OR tips about who these people are, please reach out to Cianan Liburd (tribless_) on social media. Otherwise, please donate and share this GoFundMe and let's get David the help he needs ASAP. 

Thank you! Let's all wish David a speedy recovery.

Organisateur et bénéficiaire

Cianan Liburd
Toronto, ON
Davidd GOMEZ

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