Protecting ALL Ontario School Children

Over 2 million Ontario students are returning to school this September.
Although the pandemic has been polarizing at times, an incredible majority
of Ontario families have made it clear that we want our kids to have a
successful, healthy, and uninterrupted school year. We are all in this

Throughout the pandemic, we have watched the government of Ontario
remove necessary protections that will affect our children’s access to safe,
continuous learning. Decisions to eliminate universal mask use and
mandatory isolation periods will all but ensure that schools will be filled with
actively Covid positive students. This is not acceptable!

Our children are at serious risk because:
  • Covid travels through the air like smoke. Many classrooms are crowded and poorly ventilated. There is currently no data available on the air quality in Ontario classrooms.
  • Student vaccination rates are lower than other age groups
  • Children <12 do not have approval for or access to the newer, variant specific vaccination boosters
  • There is limited access to testing.
  • Covid positive students can return to the classroom a day after a positive diagnosis.
  • Interruption of learning is causing academic and social learning gaps

Covid 19 is not trivial:
  • Some cases are mild while others can be serious
  • There may be long term health consequences affecting the brain, lungs, and heart, even in mild cases.
  • Each infection puts individuals at greater risk for long term health issues.

Our children will not be able to have a safe, uninterrupted school year
without the re-introduction of protective measures. Protections aren’t new.
They’ve always been part of life in a community. We are so used to fire
alarms, helmets, seatbelts, and car seats, that we just consider them part of
life! Now, we need to protect ourselves against a virus. This requires
evidence-based decisions.

We are a group of families who want to take action to make Ontario schools
safer and provide a brighter future for our kids and families. We hope that
you will join this mission to make schools a safe place to grow and learn
without interruption!

We are getting ready to challenge the government in court. We have started
a GoFundMe to raise the necessary legal fees to address the lack of Covid-19
protections to keep our kids safe.

We will:
  • Secure a legal team to pursue the lack of protections to keep our kids safe
  • Provide necessary compensation to experts and relevant parties to offset any out-of-pocket expenses
  • Cover any additional necessary expenses incurred during this process

Please join us in a cause that will unite Ontario families with a common goal:
Make classrooms safe and inclusive for Ontario children.

It’s time for action.

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