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Please help support Erica, Billy Jr. and Brooke

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On Wednesday December 6, 2023, tragically and completely unexpectedly, Erica, 11 year old Billy and 7 year old Brooke lost their rock, William “Billy” Patrick Newell. Billy cared deeply about his kids, wife, family and friends. No matter what was going on, Billy always loved to keep you informed of how Billy Jr. and Brooke were doing. Whether it was Billy Jr’s baseball games, or how Brooke was excited to be cheerleading, he was always quick to pull out the newest picture of his beautiful family and proudly show them off. No matter what was going on in his life, he always tried to persevere and push through to give them the best life possible, because he knew they deserve it. They were his everything. He also cared for and genuinely asked about everyone else’s family and children. He never missed a get together, and if someone close to him had a loss in their family, you could count on Billy to show up and give you a hug, provide support, or just be willing to talk and listen. Billy always had a story about his kids, family or friends and wore his heart on his sleeve. Erica and Billy brought two beautiful, kind, brave, strong, blue eyed, resilient children into this world, and she will lift her head, square her shoulders and bravely continue taking excellent care of them and honoring her husband’s legacy and his dreams for their future. We all know he would be there to do anything for his friends and their families, so it’s important that we support the Newells, especially Erica, Brooke and Billy Jr. now more than ever. The Newells are a loving, large family who have been through so much, and the loss of Billy is weighing heavily on everyone’s hearts and minds. Anything you are willing to contribute will hopefully go a small way to help them get through these devastating times, to lay Billy to eternal rest, and to give their kids the best Christmas possible, under the unfortunate circumstances. We all know it’s what Billy would have wanted, and what Erica needs to help move forward without Billy.

With the deepest gratitude, we thank you all.

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Heather Milliken
Plymouth, MA
Erica Newell

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