Please Help Officer Silvester & Other Families

EDIT 7: 


Officially, for “violating several clearly established City of Bellevue and state of Idaho policing policies. 

Unofficially, as I stated originally, Bellevue mayor Ned Burns has been gunning for Nate’s termination since his Lebron James TikTok went viral. We have heard through the grape vine this is coming down the pipes, it was only a matter of time, and they were just looking for a reason to terminate him. 

Please share this GoFundMe on your social media and make this information go viral. 

Also, if anyone would like to let the mayor or any of the other elected officials know how you feel about this, please feel free!

Mayor Ned Burns- [email redacted]
Kathryn Goldman- [email redacted]
Greg Cappel- [email redacted]
Shaun Mahoney- [email redacted]
Tammy Davis- [email redacted]
Doug Brown- [email redacted]
Chris Johnson- [email redacted]

Thank you! 




GoFundMe has asked for clarification on a few matters which we are addressing below. If you’ve already donated, you’ll receive this same message in your inbox. 

In an effort to be as clear and transparents as possible about how these funds will be spent, so there isn't any confusion:

-Nate is the sole beneficiary of these funds. As we've indicated in previous updates, he intends to donate a portion of the funds to The First Responders Children's Foundation and has already been in contact with them. Another portion will be used to create a scholarship foundation called Blue Funds. The purpose of this organization is to help peace officers all over the United States who have become displaced as a result of unfair treatment. The specifics of how this organization will function are as follows:

Officers seeking benefits will apply online through the website, which is under construction. Below is the information officers will be required to provide along with the process for determining an officer's eligibility to receive benefits. 

--Name and other identifying information
-Contact information
-Name of the agency where the officer works
-Badge number
-Immediate supervisor and contact information
-Purpose or reason for application for benefits (e.g. termination, suspension, legal fees etc.)
-a section where the officer can provide specific details about his particular situation (e.g. the reason he's on leave, any documents he/she can provide, identity of persons who may have more information regarding the case in question who can be contacted by our organization, whether it's a civil, criminal, or administrative matter etc.) 

The primary criterion for eligibility is the applicant must be a sworn peace officer working for a police agency in the United States. Additionally, if the officer has been terminated from his employment he must apply for benefits within 60 days of his termination date. The officer must provide proof of income and what income he/she has been denied as a result of his/her displacement.

In cases where an officer has been charged with criminal misconduct or civil rights violations, the evaluation process will be put on hold until such cases are adjudicated so all the facts may be considered before allocating benefits.  

Most police agencies have policies that protect the agency but not the officer and it's important that officers have an advocate in situations where they were not at fault but have been unfairly treated by their departments or other entities. Clearly, we don't want to provide benefits to officers who are proven to have violated department policy, a citizen's civil rights, or the law. Therefore the panels of reviewers will be comprised of individuals who demonstrate their ability to be fair and impartial in reviewing applications. The application and review process will be very thorough and will consider all the facts, circumstances and information surrounding each case. Separate panels will be responsible for reviewing cases assigned to their respective departments under the following categories, officers who have been terminated/suspended under unfair circumstances and officers who are laid off and are not receiving any other type of assistance or benefits (e.g. unemployment benefits).


Hello everyone! I want to be clear about who the beneficiary of the donations collected is, as well as the plan as to how the funds will be allocated.

I started this GoFundMe to help out my friend Nate due to his suspension without pay over a viral TikTok. As I stated originally, the future of his job is still unclear, so I started this GoFundMe to help him. He is the sole beneficiary from this account. Therefore, 100% of the funds collected from this GoFundMe account will go directly into Deputy Marshal Nate Silvester’s personal bank account. Period. They are 100% his to do what he wants with them. Period. 

As stated in earlier updates by him, from there, Nate plans to give back to the police community at large, including the First Responder Children’s Foundation I linked below. He still plans on donating a portion of the funds collected to that charity. Since this has become significantly bigger than I ever anticipated, and landed Nate on some major national news, he wishes to use this platform he’s been given to help other officers in other situations similar to his, on a case by case basis. 

He has spoken to his attorney to help him figure out how to best help him with all of this, since this is his first time ever being in a situation where he can help others and give back in this capacity. The details on how this will work are still not 100% clear because he’s working on a few different ideas with his attorney, but he calls these “Blue Funds” because he plans to use them to help other officers and their families at his discretion. 

I have been as transparent about this as I have been able to be, given the fact that Nate is still trying to figure out the details of how his “Blue Funds” will work with his attorney. 

To summarize, 100% of these funds will go to Deputy Marshal Silvester. From there, it is his discretion to determine how he wishes to allocate the funds. 

WE truly appreciate all of the donations collected!! One thing this has shown is how many people support our good men and women in law enforcement!! Thank you all for your contributions!! 


EDIT 4: ANOTHER GOAL REACHED! Please know how much I appreciate all of your donations!! As I have mentioned these additional funds will go to support Nate and many other officers through a new non-profit focused on police advocacy.

EDIT 3: There is an update video response from NATE on the campaign updates! His focus now is to help other officers and their families in similar situations! 

With that said, I am upping the goal again!!! 


EDIT 2: Nate is beside himself!! He is SO GRATEFUL for everyone’s donations. He was literally speechless. He has decided to donate a portion to the charity The First Responders Children’s Foundation, a charity for the families of fallen officers and first responders. Therefore, I’m upping the goal again!


Hi, my name is Gannon. The recent viral TikTok video of a cop calling out Lebron James has cost the cop, my best friend in the world, Officer Nate Silvester a suspension without pay. He’s still got his job for now, but apparently the town where he polices didn’t find his TikTok as amazingly comical, and accurate as the 4.5 million viewers did, including some major news networks. The future is uncertain. I just don’t want to see my friend lose out on any money for this, when it was meant to be satirical, and to point out an obvious flaw in Lebron’s logic. Please donate what you can contribute. Every dollar helps! Thanks!!

Edit: Words cannot express how much this means to me that everyone is donating! Nate is speechless. He wishes for me to let everyone know how much this means to him to have your support! WE BACK THE BLUE!!! 


Organizer and beneficiary

Gannon Ward
Sandy City, UT
Nate Silvester

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