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Can you help fund the construction of Peam Village's new kindergarten building in rural Cambodia?

Only 40% of Cambodian children under the age of six are enrolled in kindergarten. Many of these young children are pulled out of school to help support their families.  However, our Peam Village kindergarten enables rural children from extremely poor and disadvantaged circumstances to go to school and gives them a future and a hope. It provides education foundations, practice-based hygiene, and lunch to all the children that attend.

The Children

Learning Basic Hygiene


The kindergarten was started by two sisters, Ovarty and Olyda Yin who grew up and still live in Siem Reap, Cambodia today.  They decided to "do what they could" after witnessing hunger, children living in garbage-filled streets, and poverty most of their lives. They wanted to extend practical help to the children in Peam Village near Siem Reap township.  These children have no access to education and little hope for a better life. 

Ovarty and Olyda also observed that many of the village schools can be found empty. To be enrolled in school, the tuition has to be paid, parental permission was needed, and the children needed proper shoes and clothing. Ovarty and Olyda visited the families of the children and obtained their permission, clothed the children and paid their tuition. Their main purpose was to help these children who are either poor or whose parents are not there for them and help strengthen vulnerable families and keep them together. This enables them to become healthy, self-empowered and self-sustaining members of their society. 

Peam Village School
Peam Village is located only 20 km from Siem Reap, Cambodia’s main tourist town and is only 10 km from the famed Angkor Wat temples.  Surprisingly, most children in Peam Village have never been to Siem Reap and never had any formal education provision.  In 2010, Ovarty and Olyda founded a bush school which was sustained using their own income and by fundraising alone. However, in 2014 the land where the school was located was reclaimed by the Cambodian government and the school was demolished.

Old Bush School

Fortunately, a church member who was visiting the village purchased a block of land opposite the old school site and donated it back to them. Volunteers have since been providing meals, teaching essential hygiene and providing a wide range of other services for about 40 of the poorest children living in the area. They have already built two small temporary buildings that house the children and managed to sink a well for fresh water. They have also fenced off the land and built a brick front fence and entry gate.

Clearing the Land (by hand)

Temporary School Buildings

New School Construction Project

We are now planning to build a new school which will enable us to assist 60 more children to receive a better education. When the school is built, there will be much more room and improved teaching conditions for the teachers and their 100 students. The school will also be a safer place to learn and provide the children with nutritious meals, hygiene classes, clean drinking water, medical treatment, and social work support. 

Plans have already been drawn up for the new school which will be solidly built with concrete foundations, brick walls, metal framed roof, and stone roof tiles. There will be two classrooms which can be combined to make one large room, a staff room, a kitchen, and toilet and shower facilities. The school can also be used as a community centre and to stage meetings and events. On Sundays, it will be used to conduct the only church service in Peam Village. It will be fantastic to watch the school develop and see for ourselves the joy in the faces of these kids who really need your help. So, hopefully, we can raise the money and start building the new school soon.

Mission Video

How You Can Help

Peam Village Foundation (PVF) was set up to help support Ovarty and Olyda address the urgent needs of these children. PVF is an initiative and community care arm of Bay City Care ( & Bay City Church) located in Arncliffe, Sydney and is a Non-Governmental/ Non-Profit Organisation listed as an Australian registered charity.


We are working directly with Ovarty & Olyda which helps eliminate any administration costs with the project. All money raised will be transferred directly into the PVF bank account in Siem Reap, Cambodia and set aside for building the school and caring for these children. The new school will be built by the local people themselves, so even the labor costs are funneled back into the community.  

We greatly appreciate your support to address the urgent needs of these children. It is only with your help that we can continue to manage this mission and provide for this poor community. As a donor, you are crucial to our mission to walk with the poor and marginalized of the world. Giving them an education brings hope and the gift of self-belief that can empower these children to grow up and participate in improving their quality of life. 

Partner with us in reaching out to these children through financial support so that we can spread the love and compassion through this project. Any donations would be amazingly helpful and brings hope for these beautiful kids. 

Looking forward to reading your messages and if you have any more questions about how to donate, please contact us. 


          (All donations are tax deductible)

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