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Mexican Emperor Montezumas crown in AUSTRIA! WHY??

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Aztec Emperor Montezuma's Gold & Feather Crown - Why has it been in AUSTRIA since 1524???

My name is Xokonoschtletl Gómora, I am 73 years old and I live in Mexico. I am Mexican, traditional Aztec dancer, author of 11 books, international speaker and certified multilingual tourist guide throughout Mexico.

The gold and feather crown of the Mexican Aztec emperor Moctezuma Xocoyotzin is sacred to us Mexicans and has been in Austria since 1524. Why? SHE COMES FROM MEXICO, AND OF COURSE SHE BELONGS TO MEXICO TOO!

This crown is a relic of Mexico! Symbolically speaking, it was made for gods on earth! IT HAS EXACTLY THE SAME MEANING AND IMPORTANCE AS THE POPE'S MITRE AS A SYMBOL OF THE HIGHEST SPIRITUALITY!

She has no place in Austria!

Here in Mexico it is called: Hueyi Kopilli Ketzalli or “revered precious crown”. It is made of 24 carat gold and exactly 400 feathers of the sacred Quetzal bird.

While our crown was in Innsbruck, Austria, the pure gold helmet to be attached to the head was STOLEN! As well as dozens of gold leaves, originally numbered for cosmic calculations, found on the feathers.

We have been calling for the return of this spiritual sanctuary to Mexico for over 40 years!

(International march in Vienna in pouring rain)

The indigenous people of Mexico believe that great violence and destruction came from Europe 500 years ago!

During the “conquest” of Mexico, tens of millions of Mexicans were murdered and entire cultures that were among the highest in the world were destroyed!

That's why something very important and sacred must be returned from Europe!

In 40 years in 47 countries, we have organized dozens of international marches, press conferences and hundreds of demonstrations, given interviews in 4 languages, brought 500 Mexicans to Austria, participated in a private audience of over 30 minutes with Pope John Paul II in the Vatican , met Queen Mother Juliana of the Netherlands for over 3 hours of private conversation and spoke 11 times at the United Nations. In 1992 we circumnavigated Austria with 120 Mexicans in 104 days, covering over 3,000 km! And much, much more...

(Audience with Pope John Paul II in the Vatican, Rome)

(Private conversation with Juliana, former Queen of the Netherlands and her granddaughters)

(Traditional dancers in front of the UN in Geneva, Switzerland)

(Demos in Vienna for the return of our holy gold and feather crown)

Mexico is currently a paradise and a real hell at the same time!

The great ignorance about our own cultures is immense, and what little we know about them is the manipulated "history" written by the Spanish invaders...

We must never forget that history is written by the winners, not the losers!

We must understand that a people without culture cannot have ETHICS, human values ​​or principles. That's why it lives in great chaos, with aggression and violence.

By returning this icon to Mexico, all of Mexico and the country's inhabitants will be better off, culturally and spiritually, because today, unfortunately, there is a lot of violence, aggression, hatred, prostitution, child molesters, drugs, alcoholism, pornography, trash, plastic, rape , murders, hectic pace, stress, diseases of civilization such as diabetes, obesity, corruption and much more.

After 500 years of European invasions, massacres, murders, destruction, deadly diseases, rape, slavery and much more... we have our own laws, education, languages, religions, ceremonies, dances, writings, rituals, architecture, philosophy, astronomy, etc . etc. unfortunately... almost forgotten.

So: Only culture can save us and the return of our holy crown will be the beginning of it! Our teachers are ready to come from the rainforest, from the mountains, deserts and caves, to teach us our own oral culture, as they learned it from our ancestors, and not from Europeans.

I am of the opinion that - no matter where we live - only returning to our ancient roots or cultures can save us all, whether German, Austrian or Swiss, because we are destroying the earth. Long before the earth dies, we will all, and I mean ALL, have died.

(Before the United Nations as representative of Mexico)

The country of Austria refuses to return it with the excuse: “The feather crown cannot be transported”. A “report” confirms this statement, a report THAT NO ASSESSOR HAS WRITTEN, but only a university lecturer from Austria WHO HAS NEVER WORKED WITH FEATHERS!

A few examples of what can be easily transported these days:

a) Highly explosive substances such as nitroglycerin, TNT and nuclear waste!

b) Ancient mummies from Egypt or Peru!

c) Human organs for transplantation!

d) The five-ton orca whale “Keiko” from the film “Free Willy” was transported alive by plane four times along with tons of ice and water, for example from Mexico City to Newport, USA – over 4,400 km!

e) In the large Aztec exhibition from 2019-2021 on the occasion of 500 years of destruction of Mexican civilizations, ancient and very fragile pieces were transported from Mexico to Germany, Austria, Belgium and back to Mexico, a total distance of over 20,000 kilometers!!!

f) The feather crown itself was exhibited in Zurich, Switzerland for 6 months from October 1946 to March 1947!

g) The high-tech special display case in which the feather crown is currently exhibited should (according to the Vienna Museum) be absolutely vibration-free and even “stop all vibrations in the event of an earthquake”! So, the Austrians found the solution themselves! Our crown can be safely transported to Mexico in exactly this display case!!!

A new request from the SPÖ for the return of the crown has been in the Austrian Parliament since January 2022! This is the fourth motion so far that has just been postponed.

The SPÖ had already submitted a similar application in 2005, and the Greens in 2007 and 2009, each with the signatures of many parliamentarians!!!

So: Our holy gold and feather crown, called Ueyi Kopilli Ketzalli, has been in EXIL in Austria for 500 years!!!

NOW is the ideal time for them to return home, because in 2025 we have a very important anniversary: ​​700 years since the founding of the Aztec capital Mexihko Tenochtitlan, today Mexico City, sacred capital of the MEXIHKAS or Aztecs.

We want to prove that the spring crown can be transported safely and we are already looking for ways to make this transport possible!

Technology is so advanced today - it is completely unimaginable that safe transport should not be possible!

We urgently need financial support for this!!!
Please help us with donations and share this information with your friends, acquaintances, family or contact us if you would like to actively support us! There are many ways you could help us!

We look forward to your donations, cooperation, support, suggestions and ideas!

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